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I can’t help it, I have a love of all things shiny, sparkly or that light up – it’s the inner magpie in me I assume.  While I was dating Paul in the early days most of my going out or clubbing outfits contained either sparkles or glitter and he hated it as trails of glitter would fall off everywhere and he would also end up wearing it – not an attractive look for men, although it would depend on which clubs you go to I guess.
As I got older the glitter and fascination to sparkly things grew a little less although I did choose my wedding dress as it had a hugely decorated front with sparkly gemstones all across the bodice and teamed it with a big sparkly necklace, matching earrings and a tiara.
Nowadays I limit the pretty things to either bracelets or artwork/decorations around the house.

When Design55 got in touch recently to ask if I would be interested in trying out something from their lighting range there was one item which called out to me immediately, it was actually the first item I looked at on their website yet I knew it was perfect.

G & T sign, wall mounted letter lights, free standing letter lights, Gin & Tonic

The letter lighting had my name on it – well almost, they had mine and my sisters drink of choice spelt out and this was the first thing I saw on the website.  It was meant to be obviously.

Those of you who know me personally will know I love my sister dearly (well those of you who really know me will know she isn’t actually my real sister but my best friend – however when you have known someone as long as we have and been as close for so long then they become like a sister and that is us.  The children call her Auntie, she is their Godmother and she has become my sister).

We see each other as often as we can and live only 2 roads away from each other, met at school and have a very special bond.  I think of her children as my own and the feeling is mutual for her too.  Paul knows if I am not home with the children when he gets home from work then I will be at her house and vice versa with her husband.  I won’t lie was do like a drink or 3 when we are together and that is either Gin & Tonic or Prosecco.

After my order was placed these letters arrived within 2 days via courier very well packaged, each letter comes securely packed in its own box.

You can choose which letters you would like at the time of ordering and most of the alphabet is available including an ‘&’ sign and a heart.

Design55online, review, free standing letter lights, led lights

These retro style signs can either be free standing or wall hung and are battery powered meaning no trailing wires to ruin the look and feel of the display.  They are made from a thin metal and are light in weight. They use cold burning LED bulbs which don’t get hot so can be placed in a child’s room/playroom. 

cold LED letter lights, review, battery powered lights
These letters are very easy to hang on the wall by adding either a picture hook or a nail to the wall.  They are priced at £28 per letter or symbol however are currently on sale for £15 each.

These are now sitting beautifully in my sisters bar area of her house, under the optics.  A perfect touch to her home bar.

I’m now tempted to purchased E & H while they are in the sale to add to my hallway between the children’s bedrooms.

These letters lights each take 2 AA batteries which aren’t included.

You can find these and many other home gifts and accessories on the website:

Disclaimer: I received these letter lights in exchange for an honest post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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One thought on “Review: Letter lighting from Design55

  1. These light up letters seem to be all the rage now, and I love the letters you were sent. I would love some for our playroom, but don't think I would get away with G & T ones for in there lol x

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