Review: Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Owl and Baby

You’ll have seen Little Live Pets on the TV or in the Superstores for some time now.  Emmy has a bird and loves it, she talks to it and she really laughs when it repeats her.
New pets have come to live with us now and Harry is so excited.
Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Owl and Baby –  These are a Mother and Baby Owl family.  We have the Nightstar Family which are adorable Blue Owls.
These interact together and as with the originals the more you play with them and interact with them, the more they respond.
Each owl has an on and off switch  – turn them both to on and they come to life.  Stroke their backs and they chirp and sing to each other. 
If you bend the Mother bird down towards her baby she feeds it and her baby makes the cutest feeding noises and even burps.  It stops when it’s full and they chatter again.  Their beaks open and close as they chatter away.
There is a button on the breast of the mother bird, once pressed you can record your own messages and the bird will repeat you. 
When these are in full flow it’s wonderful and Harry has been in fits of giggles especially when he hears them burp or he makes them say “You a poohead!” – yes charming I know.
Between this pair there are 55 sounds and songs although I have to admit to not being able to tell the difference between many of them.

If you do not play with these for a period of time they fall asleep and snore and then switch off, although I may admit you may want to switch them off before that happens as once in full flow they can really go for it.
Emmy has been enjoying recording us all messages for us to discover at a later date, parts of song or telling us she loves us – you can only record short snippets and they will then repeat in a sing song voice.
Available from and priced at £17.99


Disclaimer: We received these pets for review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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