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Emmy and Harry were recently sent a construction set called Magformers, newly launched in the UK Magformers are intelligent construction sets.  The set consists of square and triangle shapes with magnets attached, when they are placed together they make up different 3 dimensional shapes.
The magnetic shapes allow children to naturally understand the underlying geometry of 2D shapes and 3D figures. 
We have been sent the WOW set which consists of 16 pieces: 8 triangles, 5 squares, 2 wheel bases and 1 square containing a person. It also comes with a large selection of design cards – these cards are used to help teach children how to construct the different shapes and figures. 
By placing the shapes on top of these cards you create the 2 dimensional shape which then change into 3 dimensional ones as you bring the magnets together.
Construction toy, Magformers, review
By using the cards in this set you are able to make 20 kinds of mini cars, 8 kinds of planar figures and 11 kinds of flat play patterns.
Emmy has really been taken with this toy and in turn worked her way through all of the cards, firstly she needed help to fold the shapes onto themselves to change then from flat shapes to 3D ones but after a short while she was able to do it herself.
After a while she was soon able to create the basic shapes from just looking at the pictures instead of placing the shapes onto the pictures and then wanted to free play creating her own designs from her imagination and memory.


 This is a really lovely toy which has helped Harry with his colour and shape recognition, and has really captured Emmy’s imagination. 

I can see this being a popular toy in this house for a long time and I have to admit to having a play myself when the kids have been in school trying to create new shapes and designs and leaving around the house for Emmy to play with.

This set is priced at £29.99 and is available from, you will find lots of different sets available on the site all ranging in price and design from £14.99 upwards, with the basic sets having 14 pieces all the way up to advanced sets with 258 pieces.

You can also find out more about these toys and see some of the creations over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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