Review: Marvel kids games featuring Avengers & Spider-Man

The children are slowing getting into computer games and as they are still young we tend to choose games which we can all play together.  They of course have a few young games and Emmy has just been given a LeapTV by her Grandad as an early birthday present as he is away for the actual day.
One of the games we have just started playing together are the Disney Marvel Kids games
featuring the Avengers and Spider-Man.  These are web based games so can be played on a computer or a tablet device.
You can choose the difficulty level to suit your ability, so we’ve started with easy as Emmy isn’t used to these types of games. There is also the option to choose Medium or Hard levels.
You use the arrow keys to move Spider-Man around the screen and can make his cast a web to swing across the ceiling to avoid obstacles in his way.
There are many levels to complete and if you don’t complete the level you need to restart that level until you’ve completed.
Emmy has been finding this hard as the controls aren’t familiar to her, it took her around 20 tries before mastering level 1 and she did get frustrated, however once she picked up the moves and had managed to master them it was far easier for her and much less frustrating.
Disney Marvel Kids Spider-Man game
You need to make your way through the screen and past the bad guys to the top of the game to find the escape door in each level, you can collect points along the way, watching out for loosing your health levels, once these are gone it’s game over (or that level anyway).

Disney Marvel Kids, Avengers

Emmy finds the Avengers games far easier to do as you can use the mouse or touchpad to move your soldiers into place.

You need to pull them down from the top left and place them infront of the monsters – once in line they will shoot and destroy the monsters before they cross your line, if they cross then you’ve lost that level.

As you don’t do the shooting yourself and just place the soldiers, Emmy has found this far easier to master the controls and to whizz through.

Disney Marvel Kids, Avengers

Playing these types of games has helped her hand/eye coordination as well as her reaction times.  While we don’t play very often she has enjoyed a different gaming experience.

I would say these are aimed at perhaps older children, ones who don’t get as easily frustrated and are able to grasp the controls a little better.

These games are free and available on the website:

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