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Mega Bloks have been a favourite in this house since before Emmy was 1 year old – we bought her a pink Fill & Dump Mega Bloks wagon filled with bloks for her first Christmas and they have been a go to toy ever since.  Harry adores too his In the Night Garden set and plays with them daily.
It was an exiting day in our house when the new First Builders sets arrived for the children to play with and test out – Mummy is the best ever and has the best job so I am told – They don’t realise it’s their job too – they think they are just playing, as they should.
First up was the Mega Bloks First Builders Fast Tracks Rescue Team (£34.99)
This set consists of 100 pieces and is aimed at 1-5 year olds.
Inside along with the bloks are stickers, the race track and a detailed picture instruction booklet, the track and 3 interchangeable rescue vehicles.
The track building is definitely an adult job – I had the hindsight to set this up one evening while the children were asleep.  Possibly midnight was not the best idea I had had in the world however even very tired at that time of night it only took 20 minutes – that does include unpacking the toys and adding stickers so not bad at all.
It did however take me a few minutes to work out the instruction booklet – you follow the colour codes instructions – all bloks are shown in their true colours, however when you turn to the next page the pieces you have built already are shown in grey with the next steps in colour (lets put my confusion down to the late time and tiredness shall we?).
This is a lovely set and although Harry definitely couldn’t build this – given peace and quiet and a fair bit of adult instruction Emmy is able to (she is 4 and a half).
Harry loves whizzing the cars up and down the tracks and through the tunnels making siren noises as he does so.
A lovely thing about this set is you don’t have to follow the instructions – you are able to make your own track and towers however you like.  Of course to Harry who is 21 months the best thing ever is to break all of Mummy and Emmy’s work, but that’s half the fun isn’t it?
Mega Bloks First Builders Fast Tracks Raceway (£19.99)

This is racing set consisting of 50 pieces including 2 interchangeable racing cars (you can take off the bodies of these cars and swap them over so you can have a half red and half yellow car if you choose), you will also find a collection of stickers, 2 tracks and a picture instruction manual.

By following the pictures in the instruction book you will build up the race track brick by brick.  You build one layer, then turn the page and you will find the layer you have made already is depicted in grey and you follow the colour bricks to build the next layer.

This is a simple track to build and it took less than 10 minutes including placing on all of the stickers.

The stickers make this set come to life as you will find race flags, Red, Amber and Green racing lights and even a winners trophy and spectators.

Both cars  are placed at the top of the track ready for a race.

This set is aimed at children aged 1-5 years old.

I do find that Harry tends to press down too hard on the track of this one and breaks it in the middle, meaning I ten need to make it for him again, this has however become a game and he thinks it’s great fun to present me with broken track and shout ‘Oh No!’.

I personally would like the tracks to be a solid piece to avoid this happening but with older children from around 3 years this may not be an issue as they aren’t as heavy handed in general and could mend it themselves.

This is a nice toy for both Emmy and Harry to play with together as they can have a car each and have a race.

Mega Bloks First Builders Pony Palace

This is a very cute set consisting of 50 coloured and sparkly bricks, including swing stable doors, stickers, a Pony, a Unicorn and a fairy princess. 

As with the other sets this too comes with a picture instruction booklet.  By following the step by step guide you can easily make up a stable for the animals. 

The great thing about these sets are they can be built in any way which creates new scenes every time.

Emmy like this one as she can have free reign in making homes for the animals – we have had huge hotel style homes and also lots of jumps for the animals to participate in an assault course.

The stickers are very cute and sparkly too which help to create a magical feel to this set.

The princess is able to ride on the unicorn’s back

Mega Bloks First Builders Bakery Bag (£19.99)

A tasty treat is contained in a large ziplock bag with this set – a perfect way to store the bricks and to help with an easy clean up after play too.

This set contains 70 kitchen themed bricks which you use to build your own bakery. 

You can build an oven, table, till or even ice-cream maker, the possibilities are endless.

Create your on cupcakes, ice-creams and also add a variety of toppings to make your mouth water.

Emmy has really enjoyed ‘setting up shop’ and selling us her wares – infact she is turning into a proper entrepreneur and is trying to sell her cakes for 20p a time – just enough to pay for her favourite sweets in our local corner shop!  Cheeky madam!

Harry also loves making cakes with this set and pretending to eat them, he has gotten a little upset that they aren’t real though.

 Disclaimer:  We were sent the above sets for the purpose of this review.  All of the above sets are now available in the new Argos catalogue.


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