Review: Muddy Puddles Welly Boots

The clocks may have changed and the lighter mornings and longer evenings are fully upon us but that doesn’t mean the good old British weather has the memo that Spring is here.
In typical fashion the kids return to school and the April showers have hit us with full force, usually around 2.30pm when I need to walk to school to collect the children and of course stopping once we are home again.
It is rather perfect timing that the children have just received new Welly boots from Muddy Puddles
to try out and they have certainly had the chance to put them to the test this week.
Emmy was sent a pair of PuddleStomper boots in a Navy and White striped design, these have a Red sole design with a very good tread which of course if welcomed in wet weather to avoid slipping.  They are a mid length boot coming half way up her calf which means she is able to tuck in her trousers and walk through the puddles without getting wet.
Emmy is the more reserved of my children so doesn’t really like puddle jumping too much anymore, she would rather walk around the puddles so she doesn’t get wet, unless of course she is dressed head to toe in wet weather gear then she will happily join in.
These boots are 100% rubber on the outside with a reflective stripe at the back of the boot to help raise visibility in low lighting, the feature the Muddy Puddles logo on the front of the boot and they have soft-padded insoles for extra comfort. 
Emmy has found these boots to be very comfy to wear even when pulled on quickly without socks to just pop to the local shops.
These boots come in a range of colours and deigns from plain to patterned and are suitable for both boys and girls. 
Harry was sent a pair of Puddleflex boots.  These boots are lined with polar fleece making the extra warm and comfy, they can be worn with or without socks and still be comfy and can be pulled on quickly.  These boots are very similar to the PuddleStomper boots only they have a quilted upper attached to the top of the boots which are pulled closed with a cord and then tied closed to stop the cold air creeping into the boot, this also helps to stop the rain going into the boot and keeps the trousers firmly inside – perfect for Harry who will jump in every puddle he sees.
Again these have a good sole which helps to prevent slipping even on mud, a reflective strip at the back and a comfy soft in-sole. 
I have found that both pairs of boots come up on the larger side so are a little too big for both children, however it does mean they will last.  They wipe clean very easily and by having the more unisex colours means I am able to pass around family members when they have been outgrown which is always a huge plus point.

Important Note:
You’ll notice that unlike my other reviews there are no pictures of the children wearing these items.
That is because I have since removed them. It has come to my attention that Muddy Puddles have been using my images in their Bloggers guidelines as to how not to take pictures of their products.
Their reasoning is that I had added my watermark as I always do to my images and had two pictures next to each other.

I would like to make it known I am a busy Mum of two children,  not a professional photographer and my images are always watermarked with my blog image so they are easily identified and to help protect my children by discouraging people to use my photos without my permission.
All photos are taken with my phone and taken to the best quality I can without expensive equipment.

I will NOT be adding these images again nor will I ever work with Muddy Puddles again 

Disclaimer: We were sent these items in exchange for an honest review

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One thought on “Review: Muddy Puddles Welly Boots

  1. hahaha! It does always rain just for the school run!
    Those boots look fab! I really like the one's which tighten at the top. Perfect for little puddle jumpers 🙂 x

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