Review: Naming our very own star

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that we sadly lost my mother-in-law a month ago. She was a very important member of our family and we were all so close.
Nanny looked after Emmy for me when I returned to work and Emmy was 12 weeks old, their bond was unbreakable.
Due to Emmy’s age I was unsure how to explain things to her in a language she would understand and help her to make sense of things too. Let’s face it, as adults we find it hard enough ourselves.
I took advise from friends who have been here before us and began talking to the children about death in a very gentle way, explaining that Nanny will still be around looking after us however has moved onto a different place to do so and was now no longer in pain.
We decided upon a star and told the children that Nanny is now the brightest star looking down on them, always there to watch over and protect them and they can also look for her and talk to her.
They have really liked this and do refer to Nanny up in the sky, and Harry says “look Nanny I a twinkle star like you” when he has to float on his back like a star in his swimming lessons.
Very timely ToxicFox got in touch asking if I would be interested in a review for a special occasion,  now we had birthdays coming up so I began browsing the site when something caught my eye and I had a whole new idea, I posed this to them and they agreed it was as perfect as I’d thought.
What I came across was this: Name a Star gift set.  It was perfect.
Once the order was placed it arrived in less than a week with full details on how to name and register your stars name.  Inside the gift box you also receive:
  • A welcome letter
  • A full gift explaination
  • A gift registration form
  • Star details leaflet
  • A history of stars leaflet
  • Star facts and figures leaflet
  • Stars and astronomy booklet
  • Constellations souvenir poster
You have the option to fill on the paperwork and to post or you can do online.  We chose the online option as it was quicker.   Once done you recieve an email confirmation and then just need to wait for the deeds to arrive in the post.  This can take up to 28 days to arrive. Ours came back in around 21 days.
We now officially have our brightest star in the sky named and this star remains named for eternity.
The children can look up into the sky and talk to their star,  their Nanny.
Stars can obviously be named whatever you like and purchased for any occasion but for us as a family it has been very fitting to name one for Anne. She is our very own twinkle star.
We have made copies of the deed certificate and have given this to all family members so they all now have the coordinates of Anne’s star.


Stars would also make a wonderful gift for a newborn when they enter the world as after all,  just how many teddies do babies actually need?
This gift costs £19.99 and is available from

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