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A little while ago now we were offered a break away at a Park Resorts camp of our choice to be taken any time before the end of October, looking through the calendar and discovering Emmy had an inset day on the Monday after half term it seemed perfect so we planned our weekend break for then. 

Next it was a matter of choosing the camp.  For a weekend I didn’t want to go too far away for it so I looked for a localish camp, finally choosing Camber Sands for the lovely looking swimming pool and local beach, and I’ll be completely honest here having never stayed in a caravan before I thought an hour and a half drive was perfectly fine if we didn’t get on with it and wanted to come home.  We had never visited a Park Resorts camp before so weren’t entirely sure what to expect.

Park Resorts, Camber Sands, Review

Arriving at around 5pm on the Friday, later than planned due to a mix up with the dog sitters and traffic.  It was dark when we arrived however reception was very easy to find so leaving everyone in the car I nipped in. Now most places have ‘that’ funny comedian and I was greeted by him, he certainly made me smile after a longer than planned drive and made the start to the holiday very pleasant.  I was given my caravan key, entertainment passes and I hired a bed guard for Harry (I had tried to do this over the phone twice and was past around to a few different members of staff who weren’t sure how to do it, I finally gave up – luckily it was easy to do on the day).

Armed with a map we drove to find our caravan – we were booked into a Gold Plus caravan and ours was located very close to the entertainment complex. The price of this for the weekend we stayed is £256 (31st Oct – 3rd Nov). Even in the dark we were able to easily find our caravan, located in the second row so easy walking distance from where we parked the car.  Unfortunately it had been raining and as the caravans are parked up on the grass we all got rather muddy, this was OK in the daylight as we could avoid the muddy parts but in the dark it’s impossible.
 The caravan itself was really big, with a large master bedroom with an en-suite toilet and 2 huge double sized wardrobes.  2 bedside tables and a mirror.  The children had a twin room, their beds were smaller than single size separated with a bedside table and they had a single wardrobe and a mirror in their room.

The front room had 2 large sofas – 1 of which contained the fold our double bed.  There was an electric fire, TV with in built DVD player, ample storage and a dining room table with a corner sofa around it and 2 stool.  The galley style kitchen had all amenities we could need for our break including a microwave and was fully stocked with crockery, cutlery and pots and pans (enough for 6 people as this caravan sleeps up to 6). 

The main bathroom had a power shower and also had amply storage for all our toiletries as well as enough for our swimming gear.

The whole caravan was spotlessly clean, being the end of half term this was very nice to see as I’m told by staff members they were extremely busy over the half term break.  The beds were all made up and our bed guard arrived within half an hour of arriving (after a slight mix up and housekeeping arriving to make up our beds, it would appear the message had been past across like Chinese whispers but this was corrected very quickly and was even delivered by 2 witches – well it was Halloween after all!).

Park Resorts, Camber Sands, Review, Gold Plus Caravan

Our whole stay was very comfortable.  We headed into the onsite shop to grab some essentials to last us until morning, bread and milk etc. – we had brought some essentials with us luckily as the shop was rather bare.  I’m not sure if the shelves were always that empty or if it was to do with being the end of half term and a Friday night, they weren’t restocked the whole weekend though so we ended up trying to find a supermarket over the weekend – there were no local ones though so we stocked up in a local Nisa, wishing we hadn’t when we got to the till – for a few basics to make a few lunches and breakfasts it was rather expensive.  We did find a supermarket on last day about 30 minutes away.

The first evening we headed into the entertainment centre and to get anywhere you have to pass through the arcades, the kids of course wanted to wanted to play and had a great time popping 2p’s into the machines, playing on a few rides and playing air hockey, they could spend all day in these places given the chance – mesmerised by the lights and people.  Popping into watch Bingo and have a drink in the bar we headed back for the night.

Both children coped very well sharing a room and slept soundly with Harry sleeping in his own bed until 7am and Emmy getting in with me at around 2am (this is a usual occurrence).

The next morning we went to find the playground and the kids spotted the Go-Karts, Crazy golf, 4 seater bikes and a the harnessed trampoline which they started eyeing up.  There was kids Ballet on during the morning but neither fancied this and favoured swimming instead.

Park Resorts, Camber Sands, Review

The pool opens at 10am and when we arrived at 11am there was already a 30 minute wait to get in, this time past quickly and was worth the wait.  Inside the changing rooms were clean and there were plenty of family changing cubicles making getting ready easier.  One rather annoying thing is that the lockers cost £1 which is the norm however you DO NOT get that back after you have finished!

The pool itself has a 4 separate mini pools inside.  A baby pool which is separate, warmer and filled with sponge blocks to play with, a few toy boats and watering cans.  There is a quieter shallow pool where Emmy could touch the floor the whole way across, and then two deeper pools – one has a water slide and the other has a mini rapids where you are swept around the circle – both kids loved this and wearing their arm bands enjoyed laying on their backs and swirling around.  There were also 2 spa pools.  It was clean inside albeit rather cold, except for the baby pool that water was chilly and it was freezing walking back to the changing rooms.  The kids love swimming so didn’t stop them but next time I’m taking Emmy’s wetsuit (I had remembered Harry’s but not Emmy’s).

Park Resorts, Camber Sands, Review, Pool

Onsite there is a Fish and Chip takeaway or the Boathouse Bar and Restaurant, both are reasonably priced with plenty of seating in the restaurant, friendly staff and the waiting time was average.  While waiting for Lunch on Sunday we watched the pub quiz which held the kids attention.

Their are kids activities on site, my two aren’t fans of these types of entertainment just yet, perhaps they are a little young, they prefer to stay with us however there was Ballet, Character meet and Greets, family talent shows and a disco too.

Park Resorts, Camber Sands, Review, Playground

There is a local beach around a 5 minute drive away which we visited – Camber Beach.  A lovely quick sandy beach with sand dunes to explore.  We spent a whole afternoon exploring, building sand castles and collecting shells – wearing only Jumpers in November it is rather hard to believe we were on a UK break at.

Park Resorts, Camber Sands, Camber Beach, Review

We really enjoyed our stay and would definitely consider a Park Resorts holiday again – perhaps in warmer months though!

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Disclaimer:  We received a 4 night break in a Gold Plus Caravan for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.  We were not required to give a positive review.

14 thoughts on “Review: Park Resorts Camber Sands

  1. We stayed at Park Resorts in Romney Sands back in September and it was a great base, and there was a lovely beach over the road. Great that you were so near to the beach too – I've been to Camber Sands before and it's fab x

  2. This looks fab. We haven't been away with the kids this year but are looking at booking something (finances permitting!) next year. Would definitely consider taking them somewhere like this, lovely review 🙂 x

  3. I love Camber sands, haven't been since I was a child (way back in the 70's). Quite fancy taking my kids. I remember the beach being lovely down there. Great review, very useful, Thanks x

  4. What a lovely area, and sounds like heaps of fun. The caravan is huge, and the swimming pool looks lovely – shame it was a bit chilly! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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