Review: Family bonding with personalised colouring books from Blossoming Gifts

Everyone in our household enjoys colouring, with all the toys in our house both children spend the longest sitting at the table in their mini arm chairs drawing and colouring in.
This is obviously encouraged by myself as it is wonderful to see them screen free and just enjoying the simple pleasures which you can do anywhere and at anytime and which is such a cheap activity.  Our house is filled with various pads, colouring books, plain paper, coloured paper and there are boxes of crayons, pencils and pens in both the sitting room and the kitchen so the children can access them whenever they want them.
I’d actually forgotten just how therapeutic colouring was until a few months ago when I added an adults colouring book to my shopping trolley in Tesco.  It was an impulse buy as I headed down the book aisle looking for a few new bedtime stories for Emmy.  I had already decided I was going to give myself some much needed ‘me time’ a few evenings a week as every evening after the children go to bed I reach for the laptop and work, I was tired, fed up and quite frankly I’d had enough of this lifestyle – with Harry in Pre-School 2 full days it meant I could use those hours to work during the day and free up some evenings.
Recently Blossoming Gifts send Emmy and I personalised colouring books each and it gave us a perfect excuse to sit down and spend some quiet time together. Previously I had hidden my colouring book as she would have wanted to claim it for her own.
The book I was sent was a Personalised Creative Colouring book which a (huge A4 book jam packed with creative colouring pages.  With all pages printed on high quality think paper it doesn’t matter if you use pencils, crayons or pens to colour with the colour doesn’t seep through to the next page.
This book has my name embossed onto the front cover (this can be personalised with the name of your choice, up to 12 characters) and then can be personalised with any message on the inside page (up to 80 characters).
There is a wonderful mix of designs inside this book from animals and flowers to bustling city scenes, foods and abstract designs.
The personalised theme is carried on throughout the book as many of the pages incorporate your chosen name.  This will definitely keep me occupied for months as there are around 100 colouring pages including 2 blank pages to do your own thing.
This book costs £19.99
Emmy was sent the Personalised A4 colour in & activity book (£12.99) which is a 34 paged colouring book aimed for ages 2-6 years.
 It includes a good mix of colouring pages which are all personalised with your chosen name (up to 12 characters) and activity pages which include letter formation practice, colour by numbers, shape matching, spot the difference, matching games and many more.
The fabulous thing about this book is that it is very unisex with a good mix of dinosaurs, sealife, animals and even foods.
Many of the colouring pages also contain facts so there is a learning element to this book too, such as:
  • Did you know that Neil Armstrong was the first person ever to walk on the moon in 1969?
  • Did you know that Sharks can grow and use up to 20,000 teeth in a lifetime?
On the front cover of this book you can personalised not only with a name but with a message of your choice (up to 80 characters).
Emmy and I have had a wonderful time sitting down together and just colouring – it has meant we have chatted more and bonded together and I have even let her colour in my book as we shared a few pages to colour together.
These are just a few of the gifts available from

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