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Pre-Children Christmas wasn’t quite as exciting as an adult, it’s the magic of children which brings it alive really – in our 20’s when Paul and I lived together it was a case of going through the motions, decorating the house as that’s what you do.  Paul and I did however have a real tree as it was something new and we were in our own home together, then Barney arrived and it was time for an artificial one, and since the children arrived it hasn’t seemed like a good idea while they were still so young.
However, now they are 3 & 5 and don’t pull everything apart (too much) I jumped at the chance when Pines and Needles got in touch asking if we would like to receive a real tree this year.  We are just outside of their special delivery area so they booked us an alternative delivery from Tuffnells, we were sent an email on the morning of our selected date which stated our tree would arrive by 5pm. Pines and Needles offer a special delivery service for customers who live within the London area where their delivery drivers all wear kilts and Christmas hats – the kids would have loved this!
Our tree arrived at 3pm.  It was very securely wrapped in thick plastic and inside that held firmly by netting.  The top of the tree was supported with sticks so it didn’t break in transit.  Being delivered obviously makes life a lot easier as for us it would mean taking out car seats and it certainly would have been a tight squeeze.

We were sent a base with our tree, this has metal screws which you tighten into the base of the tree to keep it secure and a water tray for holding the water which will keep the tree alive (I just need to remember to keep this topped up).  The branches needed a little coaxing into place as they had been in the netting and we left to settle for a while to dry out before decorating.

I am really pleased with this tree, it’s always a worry to have something delivered which you haven’t chosen yourself or seen but this is beautiful and is really full and bushy.  Certainly the biggest tree we have ever had in our house – this is a 6ft Nordmanns Fir Christmas Tree, we were also sent 2 mini Christmas trees for the children and some lights to help make a start with our decorating.

Real Christmas tree, delivery, discount code

The smell is amazing when you walk into the front room now, to me nothing says Christmas more than the smell of a real Christmas tree, and of course I love turning off the lights and sitting watching TV with just the tree lights flickering in the background.

So far the kids have left the tree alone, except helping me to decorate and the needles are all still on the tree – that’s a WIN in my eyes!

Now to start wrapping the presents to place under on Christmas Eve and buy the remaining few I’ve still to get and I am all set for Christmas.

Pines and needles discount code 2015, real christmas tree discount code
Decorated by the kids – I’m fighting the urge to tweak a little

I have already shared a discount code with you, however if you did miss it and would like a real tree in your own home – please do use this code as you will get £10 off your order as well as a FREE gift pack with your order.  Code – EM15 – use this at checkout

The kids wouldn’t wait for me to buy small decorations but they love their mini trees in their rooms



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