Review: Pirate Wall Stickers from The Kids Bedroom Company

Regular readers of our blog will know that Harry has a Pirate themed bedroom, this was planned while I was pregnant with him as around that time I was beginning to realise Emmy would outgrow her Teddy Bear nursery theme shortly and I really didn’t want to have to redo or redecorated his room again in around 2/3 years time.
It took a long time to finally decide upon a theme for his room, I quickly ruled out characters as they may have been out of fashion by the time he was even old enough to watch them. 
Obviously I thought of Planes, Trains and Cars but they just weren’t for me so I began thinking of a theme he would grow into and settled for pirates – you can see the beginnings of this theme when I gave you a mini tour of his pirate room, we them added a customised Pirate blind using a picture of Harry.
Recently The Kids Bedroom Company came across our Pirate themed room and sent Harry some of their fantastic wall stickers to complete his room.
We were sent the Pirate Ship Wall Stickers which is a large Pirate ship sailing on a choppy sea, it features 5 black sails, 3 of which feature a skull and cross bones design and 2 red flags.


This sticker detail comes off the backing paper in 2 parts, the ship and then the sails are separate.
You need to apply these to a clean, dry and flat area so it could be a wall, wardrobe or even a mirror within your room.  Simply pull the sticker off and place where you would like it.  I added ours to the wall under Harry’s window.  This once homed other Pirate decorations however these were on adhesive stickers and Harry pulled off early on leaving a sticky mess, I used this ship to cover the sticky pads which I couldn’t remove.  Because I was covering up certain areas I positioned the sails slightly higher than the picture shows it should be placed, however it really doesn’t matter – it still looks really good.
These stickers are very easy to apply, once on the wall you can then rub down gently to remove any air bubbles which may have appeared under, and of course if you position in the wrong place you can easily remove and move again and again.  This sticker set is priced at £29.99

We were also sent the Pirate Crew Wall Stickers, these are priced at £24.99 and applied in exactly the same way as the Pirate ship.

There are 5 crew members, including the peg legged captain along with is loyal crew all carrying their trusty swords and hats.

These are all separate stickers so can be applying anywhere you like, either in a line on one wall, along the bottom of a mirror perhaps or dotted around a room.

I added to different areas of Harry’s room, 2 near the Pirate ship to help hide the previous stickers, 2 on the wall of the other side of the room and another on his shelving unit.

They really help to complete the overall look of the room and I can now finally say his bedroom is finished…..until he decides on a new theme in a few years time I guess.

There are many different wall stickers available as well as other children’s bedroom/storage items – for further details please visit to website


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