Review: Play & Learn Smart Watch from KD UK

Peppa Pig has been a firm favourite in this house for ages , Emmy loved it from a young age and Harry has taken over the baton now.
A while ago he was sent a couple of KD UK toys to play with, here I will show you the Play & Learn Smart Watch – a chunky yellow watch with lots of fun play elements to help promote learning.
This features a colourful LCD screen and has a clock face with can be changed between analogue and a digital display with 8 different coloured backgrounds to choose from.  There are also 10 fun activities including a voice recording function which you can also distort to change your voice.
When you press the home button on the top of this watch it will turn onto the watch setting, pressing the home option again with bring up 3 symbols:
  • Spanner – this is the settings option.  You can set the time, choose between analogue and digital display options, change the background pattern, change the volume, adjust the brightness or set an alarm.
  • Megaphone – This is for voice recording.  In this mode you will see 3 buttons which you can use the arrow buttons to move between, the middle round circle records your voice, the megaphone on the left once pressed (using the OK button) gives you 3 options a scarecrow, mouse and robot – select one and move across to the play button on the right hand side.  The characters change the voice to distort it – the scarecrow leaves it as your normal voice, mouse makes it squeaky and robot well that’s just obvious really!
  • Number blocks – This is the game mode.

There are 9 games to choose from, which are:
  1. Find the letter: This game displays a picture and then shows 3 letters below and the children have to find the first letter of the displayed picture.  There is no spoken instruction for this so I have to tell Harry what he is supposed to do.  If you get the answer right Peppa says ‘Well done’ and the word is displayed under the picture.  If wrong Peppa says ‘Oops’ and the word is then displayed under the picture for the children to see.
  2. Memory: A picture is displayed on the screen for around 5 seconds and then 4 pictures appear, you need to choose the picture which was shown at the start of the game.
  3. Find the matching object: You are shown a picture (for instance Danny Dog wearing a helmet) and then 3 pictures are displayed underneath, you scroll between the pictures to find the item which match the picture
  4. Find the odd one out: In this game you are shown 4 pictures – 3 are either the same picture or similar in different colours or of the same group of things with 1 odd one out.  you need to choose the odd item.  For example on one screen there are 3 animals and a drum, another 3 cats and an elephant
  5. Numbers: You are shown a picture and below are 3 number choices – you need to count the items and then choose the correct number
  6. Who’s this?: Part of a Peppa Pig character is displayed at the top of the screen, 3 characters are then displayed at the bottom and the children have to choose who the correct character.
  7. Alphabet discovery: A letter of the Alphabet is displayed and when you press the OK button a picture starting with that letter is shown along with the word.
  8. Music time: A musical instrument is displayed, you press OK to select and to make music you need to move – the move, the more the child moves around the more music is played.  When they stop they receive a round of applause – this is by far Harry’s favourite game and it is a great fun way of keeping young children active
  9. The shaker: Follow the instructions on the screen adding the ingredients in the quantities displayed and once complete you shake – either by shaking your wrist, jumping up and down or even running around – once complete you’ve helped Peppa with her cooking.
If you are playing a game on this any you don’t press any buttons for a short time Peppa Pig starts to pace the screen and music plays, this helps regain the child’s attention.  If nothing is pressed for a short time after this it turns itself off to save the battery.
The battery is charged via a USB cable which is included.
Harry enjoys this watch however he find it too bulky to wear on his wrist and much prefers to lay it on his lap or on a table to press the buttons, also he likes to use his right and left hand to press the buttons so this is the easiest option for him.

Plus points include:
It comes with enough charge in it to play straight away
Instructions aren’t needed as it is very easy to work out
Auto shut off to save the battery
USB charging using a standard android cable means no more going to the shops for batteries
The yellow strap means it is very unisex

This watch is available from Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Boots, John Lewis and many other retailers. The RRP is £35.99 (it is currently on offer on Amazon for £14.98)

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