Review: PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar Christmas Room with Illuminating Tree #PLAYMOBILPlayologist

As you know we are PLAYMOBIL Playologists this year, this means we are able to give you a sneak peek at a few of the fabulous products available from PLAYMOBIL.
As Christmas is just around the corner you’ll have probably been thinking of Advent Calendars, after all you can begin to open them in just under two weeks.
Here I will be showing you the Christmas Room with Illuminating Tree PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar (5496), this is priced at £19.99.
PLAYMOBIL advent calendar, review,
This is a toy advent calendar with the traditional 24 doors to open however instead of chocolate you will find a toy item which once all the doors are opened will create a Christmas room scene complete with a light up Christmas tree, family and presents.
You will need to remove the outer sleeve of this advent calendar and you will find the cardboard fold out backdrop.  This needs folding out and slotting into place which will then make it free stand ready for play.
PLAYMOBIL advent calendar 2015, review, room scene, light up christmas tree
Every day starting from door 1 on the 1st December you will uncover a small play piece.
One day 1 you will find your first PLAYMOBIL figure and then every day after will be a different room part or item.
I have opened ours in a random order so as to not spoil the surprise for you all.
On some days you will have something to put together – the wreath with candles is rather sweet and comes in a few parts, add the wreath to the stand, add the candles and then decorate the wreath.
You can choose just where you would like to place the items, move them around and play with them as you go along.
This set is aimed at children aged 4-10 years of age, I personally feel that 6 years plus would be ideal as I know that Emmy would have lost the set pieces she had already opened after around a week before this age, and obviously hide away or place up high if you have younger children too as they will probably lose them and as many of the play pieces are very small (you wouldn’t want them to swallow them or worse).
 You will find presents ready for Christmas complete with gift boxes, and I have to say I would love some of these under my Christmas tree on Christmas day – Laptop, Books, Necklace and a Camera, you’ll also find a Doll, Car, Watch and a few other gifts.
This set comes complete with an Advent calendar which hangs on the wall, Christmas cards, decorations, Christmas cookies and even drinks for the adults.
The family pets haven’t been forgotten either and you will find the 2 kittens and family dog behind the doors too.
This set will provide hours of advent fun in the lead up to Christmas Eve and then after once you have completed the whole scene.
On Christmas Eve you will find the biggest toy in this set – this is the light up Christmas tree, you will need 2 AAA batteries to make this work.  Add the pink baubles into the holes under the tree and the bow decorations to the top and press the button to switch on the tree lights (they will turn off after a short period to save the battery life).
Emmy really does love this set and has spent ages rearranging the room around as she likes, her favourite thing is putting the presents into the present boxes and giving them to the characters.
I think she would get frustrated with a calendar like this currently as she like to play with the set too much and waiting for a new day to get a different piece maybe a bit too much for her – especially on days when the play piece is a chair perhaps.
PLAYMOBIL have many different advent calendar sets available which can be found over on the Christmas section of the website.
To launch the first ever toy range of the smash hit PLAYMOBIL-inspired CITV series, Super 4, PLAYMOBIL has hidden the world’s most expensive Super 4 figures across London.
This weekend right up until the 6th December young adventurer’s have the chance to find the Limited edition hidden treasure across all 4 trails.
Print or download the free maps to your smartphone or tablet to help you find where these figures maybe hidden.
Parents and Children will join Alex, Ruby, Gene and Twinkle crack the codes and help complete a mission, with fun and learning along the way. 


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