Review: PLAYMOBIL Super 4 Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle

We recently took delivery of our latest PLAYMOBIL playologist package and it is absolutely fabulous,  I admit to being very jealous and playing with it lots myself.
This is from the brand new play range Super 4, which is a fab new animated CITV series, inspired by PLAYMOBIL. Shaped around the popular PLAYMOBIL worlds (Pirates, Fairies, Knights & Top Agents), the series follows the adventures of four new heroes Alex, Gene, Ruby and Twinkle. The brand new toys from the series have just launched and we have been enjoying the Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle.

This is a playset and a music box in one. It comes with 2 fairies one of which is Twinkle, a unicorn and a couple of accessories – wands, water bowl etc.
Setting up this took less than 10 minutes (of course it would be quicker if you did without the children helping but that’s not as much fun is it?).
Firstly, add the stickers to the base (this was easy enough for Emmy to do alone), the push in the little white clips into the holes on the blue base then clip the flower petals into these.  The flower petals can be folded upwards when putting this music box away or fold outwards to create a dance floor area.
Clip on the roof lid and attach the locking latch which locks the door in the clear cylinder.  The cylinder sits firmly on the base (this now has the sparkly sticker on) and then you need to line up the arrows on the music box part of this to the top of the cylinder to slot those together securely.
When you would like to put this away, hold the cylinder firmly with one hand and then using the other twist the top (I find holding the bottom of the turret easiest), this twists the blue base away from the arrow and then with a little push and ensuring the flower petals are folded inwards you can push the tower down into the cylinder and tidy away.
This is a really lovely toy which we have doubled up as a night time song (it’s not really a lullaby) which Emmy loves to listen to, it sits beautifully on her bedside table.  It can also be used as a safe place to hide trinkets away from little brothers as if you place them inside the flower and then close away we’ve discovered that little brothers can’t work out how to get inside to steal your trinkets – or in Emmy’s case sweets or chocolate!
The figures which come with this set can safely be stored inside the turret so you won’t lose them – which can often be the case with playsets long after the box has been disposed of.

This Musical Flower Tower is a toy which I can see being played with not only for the first few months as often happens with many toys but for years to come as it has more than one function.
I do find that the petals fall off often when children open and close them as they are just slotted into place with a mini plastic hinge.  They are easy enough to put back in although Emmy can’t yet do this and does get frustrated, it would be nice if once in place they clipped in to avoid this happening every time she plays with it, and you need to make sure that little fingers are out of the way when pushing this downwards to close (as you will see in this video….Sorry Emmy).
A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Sep 30, 2015 at 8:33am PDT

This is priced at £39.99 and is available from the PLAYMOBIL website and other good retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and Tesco.

We were also sent Royal Guard Sir Ulf, another Super 4 character who is currently standing guard outside the Flower Tower and is priced at £3.99

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