Review: Ravensburger Peppa Pig Junior Mandala

Unsure of what a Mandala is?  I’ll let you into a secret – I had no idea either!
Mandala sets are great for encouraging the development of fine motor skills and concentration. You place a sheet of paper between the drawing frame and the template, and you are ready to draw around the shapes. Turn the stencil inside the base tray and draw again … Each stencil is marked with arrows, which allows you to rotate the stencil inside the frame one sixteenth of a rotation.
This unique mechanism helps you to create some lovely symmetrical designs. Once you’ve finished drawing, then colour the designs in and you have it – a finished mandala design! You can even cut around the design and use your unique mandalas to decorate anything from placemats, photo frames and gift boxes to book covers and party favours. With an infinite number of possible designs that can be created, Mandala-Designer® will accompany your child on a brightly coloured journey of imagination and creation.
In the box are the base tray and template, paper, a black pen and 3 coloured pencils.
I was a little unsure if Emmy would be able to do this however she got stuck straight in.
The size and the shape of the pen means it is easy for little hands to grip and Emmy managed a perfect grip straight away. 
She was able to use the stencil immediately however wasn’t keen on moving it around, preferring to draw around all the shapes until she had filled her paper.
Then she started again and allowed me to turn it for her – she tried herself but it was too hard to get exact and stop in the right place.

The great thing about this is that you can make a great pattern effortlessly and the possibilities are endless.  Even the same picture drawn twice could be coloured in differently. 

Emmy aged 4 could make her own pictures by using the stencils, and if she wanted to make more intricate pictures she asked me for help, telling me exactly which picture she wanted and I turned it for her.

As well as this set there are many more sets available on the website including animals, Hello Kitty and Doc McStuffins and more.  You can find them all on the website

Disclaimer:  We received this item for review purposes, all thoughts are our own.

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