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The summer holiday’s are proving rather expensive, as always.  Kids get bored rather quickly especially as they are both now used to the hustle of school life, getting straight up and dressed to be out the door at 8.30am and being on the go all day.
It has been very nice these holidays to lounge around in the mornings when we don’t have plans and I will admit there are days we’ve not got dressed until after lunch, and a few where the kids have spent all day in their pj’s – it’s the holidays after all so it’s allowed.
We have been trying to limit to one BIG day out a week and then visit friends, family and make our own entertainment on the other days. 
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The children were each sent a Snackywonder cup from JML and not only is it a hit with the kids, it has helped to save money on a few of our days out too.

This is a drinks cup with a difference, it has a built in compartment for snacks too.  So the children can have their snack and drink in one place.

This has been a huge hit with the children, I had wondered if the novelty would wear off but it is still their cup of choice.

I’ve taken this cup out with us in the car on long journeys and it saves me having to pass snacks back to the kids, they don’t make the mess they often do as the snacks are contained in the compartment and they can put the lid back on when they have had enough which helps to keep the snacks fresh for later.  What I do now need to find is a cup holder for in the middle of the car so they can put it down when they’ve had enough.
These have also accompanied us to the cinema which obviously saves me from having to visit the snack counter and spending a small fortune on over priced snacks.  The children can choose which snack they want to take with them and these fit perfectly into the cup holders in the arm of the cinema seats.  They can also be taken with us on days out so the children have snack to hand instead of raiding the cafes and shops!
The possibilities are endless really and you can add whichever snacks you like.  They hold a perfect portion for children – a large handful of fresh fruit which counts as one of their 5 a day fits into the snack cups and I’ve found it leads to less waste too.  If I give the children fruit in a bowl, they tend to want that bowl filled with fruit, while I obviously don’t mind and they can have as much fruit as they like I do find they won’t eat it all and generally I end up throwing some away.  I’ve not found that with this Snackywonder as it holds a perfect portions.
The drinks cup section of these are very large so if we use at home I tend to only half fill as they can be heavy however for days out I fill up so they last for the day.
The straw on these have a flip over stopper to stop them leaking out, I wouldn’t trust taking it in a bag where they can fall over for a day out but I personally haven’t had a problem taking it in my changing bag propped up or in the bottom of the buggy.
They are great for movie nights at home too as the kids lounge around I don’t need to worry about drinks spilling over my sofas.
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Snacking and drinks combinations are as personal as you are, some of the combinations we have used ours for are:
  • Milk and cookies
  • Milk and dry cereal – the kids love dry cheerios at anytime of the day
  • Chocolate milkshake and malterers
  • Juice and fruit
  • Water and raisins
  • Juice and Haribo (our cinema treat of choice)
  • Milky Tea and biscuits
  • Water with mini crackers/mini cheddars and cheese squares
  • Popcorn
  • Cucumber and baby tomatoes
The children have asked for chips or hotdogs in theirs but I have had to draw a line somewhere!
Snackywonder, JML, review,
These cups cost £9.99 and come in 4 colours Yellow, Pink, Blue & Purple and are available from and all JML stockists including ASDA, Dunelm, Robert Dyas, Wilkos, Morrison’s, The Range, Homebase and The Original Factory Shop.

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