Review: Sofia The First Royal Prep Academy Backpack Playset .

Emmy is a Sofia fan so was very pleased to receive this Sofia The First Royal Academy Backpack Playset which is a wearable plastic box with adjustable straps.  You can wear as a backpack or move the strap around to wear over your shoulder.
The case then opens up into a fold out pop up play scene containing 4 Micro World Sofia characters – Sofia, Faua, Minimus & Prince Zandar  
There are different play areas inside for the characters to explore including Library, classroom, dance floor, art room, stable and courtyard.
Setting up is simply a case of undoing the clasps and unfolding the rooms inside.  You then need to place all the stickers in place – this takes a little time as you need to just search on packaging box to see where they are supposed to go and guess the others you can’t see on the box.  It took a little while to position them all as they are very small and Emmy got rather impatient wanting to put them wherever she fancied.  It maybe best to do this before giving to young children who are as impatient as Emmy.
The lovely thing about this little set is that it is all contained in one place so when play is over you can fold it back up and take out with you so perfect to take on holiday, on a plane/train or even to Nanny’s house, then once they have had enough they can carry their own toys home again.
Inside the set are little areas and secret places for the characters to explore – they sit easily on the set or can be secured into place where there are little raised bumps to secure them in place, in these places they can be moved – Minimus can jump the horse jumps in the paddock, although Emmy has made Sofia Fly over the jumps too!
This set costs £34.99 and is available from Flair and is suitable for children aged 3+
I have found that Emmy can not fold this set back up herself infact for the first few times I struggled.  You need to fold the sections down in the correct order for the whole set to fold back into itself and it can be tricky to do until you master that order correctly.
I think older children will find this easier to close themselves than younger.
Emmy was very impressed with this set and has played with it on numerous occasions choosing this as her toy of choice to take out with her.  My one concern is that the micro figures are so small that she will loose them easily – although surprisingly they are all still there at the moment and I’ve not needed to hunt under chairs just yet.


Disclaimer: We received this item for the purpose for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.
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  1. I love this my daughter is Sofia the first mad as she is called Sophia and im sure when she is a little older she would love something like this to play with. I really like the fact that it can fold away easily as I never seem to have nay room for big toys as I have three children x #TriedTested

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