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Harry loves Mr Tumble, he is the one character which has remained a constant, an ‘idol’ in our house, Emmy was a fan first and then Harry and now they happily watch together despite it being too young for Emmy.  It’s really sweet that they will snuggle up together and watch while Emmy tries to teach Harry some sign language.
I have written a few times before of the children’s Friday night treat night.  After school they go to the newsagents and are allowed to choose a magazine each, they then chose some movie night sweeties which they are allowed after dinner.  They then play with the toys from their magazines, read through them and colour them in.  We then have a family movie night camp out.
I often however find that the magazines get tossed aside very quickly as there are either too many stories and the children are only really keen on stories for bedtime, too much colouring or just don’t interest the children.
Harry recently received the CBeebies Something Special magazine and if course he was first drawn to the toys on the front as he always is.
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The toys attached to this weeks magazine are:
  • Magnifying glass
  • Binoculars
  • Stickers
  • Notebook & Pencil
  • Make your own Mr Tumble puppet
These are perfect toys for Harry who loves to pretend to animal spot all the time with toilet rolls taped together to make binoculars, or of course he steals his Dad’s real ones which is a big NO NO as he then leaves them all over the house and they are then lost for weeks.
The puppet was a nice addition, it took only 5 minutes for Harry to add all the stickers but he then played with it for a good 10 minutes – I sadly wasn’t allowed to take any action shots of him playing as he took it to our puppet theatre and in bossy Emmy fashion announced the audience weren’t allowed to talk or take photo’s or videos – I think she has been to see too many stage shows now.
Inside this magazine which also helps to support the Early Years and P Scales Curriculum is:
  • Colouring
  • Counting
  • Sign language
  • Drawing
  • Activity pages
  • Learning about time
  • A simple recipe
  • A song
  • A fan page
  • Stickers
  • Interactive pages
This magazine features fun interactive pages which help bring the pages to live with the use of a smart phone or tablet. To make this interactive parents need to download the FREE Blippar app to their phones or tablets (this is available on Google Play, iTunes and Windows).
Once you have downloaded the app you need to use a smart phone or tablet, open the app and hover over the icon on the special pages.  It looks like this:
Once the icon is recognised you need to press “Let’s Play” and it with bring up a video clip of Mr Tumble for the children to watch.
Both Emmy and Harry really liked this feature which meant they spent longer looking at the magazine than they usually would – although they did argue over who was going to do it first and Harry found it hard to keep the phone still enough for it to recognise the icon.  Also if the lighting is particularly bad it is hard to pick up the icon so you need to turn on the torch feature.
Screen shot from one of the videos
Emmy has to start the videos for Harry and then they sit and watch them together with Harry shouting “again, again” once it’s finished.
Harry really enjoyed this magazine and because of the interactive element to this the magazine was used more than usual and not tossed aside once the toyed were removed and the stickers stuck onto the pages (tables, walls, clothes, TV etc.).
This magazine is available in stores from 8th June and costs £2.99 and comes out monthly.
Disclaimer:  We received an advance copy of this magazine in exchange for our honest thoughts

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