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I’ve mentioned a few times now how much both my children enjoy magazines, sadly the ones they always opt for in the newsagents are ones with plastic tat on the front, they take off the toy and play with it for the afternoon, discard the actual magazine and they the next day both are forgotten – and it’s us parents who are left despairing this and the wasted £3.50-3.99.
I really do begrudge buying these now and have steered them away now and they have both started a Star Monsters collection, I would much rather pay for just a toy and do away with the magazine which they won’t read.
It is such a shame as when I was younger my parents collected a set of magazines for me weekly, it was a story magazine which came together with an audio cassette which accompanied the story magazine – none of this plastic rubbish my children love now.
Recently the children were sent a few of the Storytime magazines and as a parent I absolutely love them!  They contain no toys or adverts and are crammed with proper stories for either your child to read, you to read to them or as Emmy and I love to do is take it in turns to read a little each at bed time.
Each issue contains at least 3 stories with wonderfully colourful illustrations, together with a few puzzles, games and colouring.
For me I love to see my children engrossed in a book reading, this is the best of both worlds for children – Emmy has started to associate books with school work as she has to read her reading book for at least 10 minutes every day, this she sees as a chore although she secretly enjoys it, magazines and comics she sees as fun so by having a purely story magazine she is reading and improving her skills even if she doesn’t realise it.
These magazines are wonderfully engaging with classic tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Gulliver’s Travel and Bambi but also include stories you may not know of such as The Farmer’s Horse any many others.   There are also competitions where your children can win books each month.
The Storytime magazine is one of the UK’s biggest monthly subscription magazines for kids, priced at £3.99 per issue it is an affordable was of building up a story collection and engaging with your children – you can bond over stories together and relax/unwind by submerging yourselves in the tales, with the added bonus of these being delivered directly to your door.
Printed on thick and very good quality paper these magazines are made to be read over and over again.
These really remind me of the collection my parents built up for me when I was younger.
For further information and to subscribe yourself please visit the website:
Disclaimer:  We were sent these magazines in exchange for an honest review.


2 thoughts on “Review: Storytime Magazine

  1. I have such happy memories of Story Teller. So pleased to see that this has been recreated for the 21st Century!

  2. These look fantastic. What a great idea.
    I remember magazines where you got a cassette tape too and I hate magazines with the plastic tat on. They seem such a waste of money compared to these magazines. 🙂

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