Review: Super Loop Bands

Interplayuk, Super Loop Bands, Review


If you have a school aged child it is probably a given that you’ve come across the latest crazy of loom bracelets or loop bracelets.
Loop bracelets are on the easiest scale of this crazy, with no loom needed anyone can do this anywhere – well almost anyone, Emmy tried but needed help as they are aimed at slightly older children, which I knew when we were sent these however I wanted to play!
I used to love making friendships when I was younger and this brought back that love.
In this pack are enough loops and hooks to make 5 bracelets.
Interplayuk, Super Loop Bands, Review
Inside the pack are detailed picture instructions, so detailed that you wouldn’t even need to read the words to understand what you are supposed to do.  This is perfect for children as they can follow the pictures.
Interplayuk, Super Loop Bands, Review
You start by threading a band through the hook.  Now press the two ends together and thread the second band through this one.
Interplayuk, Super Loop Bands, Review
Now you just continue this way between 20 – 25 bands before looping around another hook.  Fasten on your wrist and you have a brand new bracelet.
It really is simple.
It is also quite addictive, Emmy and I kept on going making new patterns and designs.
You can make random designs or patterns, then once you are bored you can undo them and start again.
New bands for every outfit!
Interplayuk, Super Loop Bands, Review
Super Loop Bands are available from Interplayuk for £9.99

Disclaimer:  We were sent this item FOC in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own


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