Review: Swimming made fun with Konfidence

You will have seen our lovely Konfidence #Swimologist badge on our sidebar.  Incase you’ve missed it – here it is:
That means we have been working closely with Konfidence as ambassadors over the past few months.  I’ve written previously about the swimming lessons they have sent Harry on and how they have improved his water confidence greatly.  By the end of his 2 term course he could swim away from us to the side of the swimming pool and climb out independently – an amazing achievement for a 20 month old baby. 
I was and still am SO impressed with his ability and by the teachers who have helped him.
What I haven’t talked about yet and I will do now is Harry’s fabulous swimming kit.
Spoilt for choice on the website I opted for the Clown Fish design for his AquaNappy. 
The AquaNappy replaces the need to use the disposable swim nappies which are often bulky and cumbersome on a child.  It is a waterproof reusable nappy which fits as a reusable daytime cloth nappy does.  It has poppers at the front and is adjustable to fit your child’s waist.  It is then doubly secured closed with Velcro.
This nappy is to stop any nasty accidents spilling out into the pool, and it works – Harry seemed to think he needed to thoroughly test this out as babies tend to do.  Now during our 10 weeks of lessons there were a few accidents in the pool meaning we had to clear out until they were dealt with however I am pleased to say none of the leakages came from us or the AquaNappy – PHEW – that would have been embarrassing!
The AquaNappy is available in a whopping 9 different colours so you will find something you love and retails at £9.99.
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Now as we were booked into Aquababies which is run in our local Marriott hotel, they have a double layer policy.  This means they babies are supposed to wear another layer over the top of a swim nappy (well obviously that wasn’t always adhered to as there were accidents – this just reiterates the need for the double layer really).  Because of this we were also sent a Neo Nappy for Harry.  Again I chose the Clown Fish design.
These are available in 6 different colours and in 6 different sizes ranging from Extra Small (0-3 months) to XXL (18-24 months).
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These fit over the top of the Aqua Nappy as a snug fit short style.  They are make from neoprene with lycra waist and leg bands.  There is no rubbing or chaffing with this nappy and it is a soft material too meaning it is flexible and comfortable to wear,
Harry is wearing a size 12-18 months and although he is now 21 months old he has plenty of room left in his. 
Machine washable just like the Aqua Nappy these have helped cut the cost of swimming by replacing the need for disposable nappies.
Both the Aqua Nappy and the Neo Nappy have been washed weekly (sometimes twice a week if we went for a family swim too) now for over 2 months and are showing NO signs of wear, stretching, bobbling or fading.  I am very impressed.
The Neo Nappy retails at £8.49, If purchased at the same time as the Aqua Nappy a saving of £2 can be made (discount applied when both items are added to the basket).
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We were also sent a BabyWarma and thank goodness for that!  Our pool was freezing. This surprised me for a hotel pool as normally they are warm.  On two occasions I even complained as the children were freezing – the first time being before our kit had arrived and our first lesson.  Harry was shivering and his lips turned blue (I took him out early as it was just way too cold).
After our kit arrived and he had his BabyWarma he didn’t seem to mind the cold (I did – I wonder if they would make me an adults one?).
As you can see I had to follow the theme through and opted for the Clown Fish design again – just call me predictable! They do however come in 6 colours and 3 different sizes. Harry is wearing a 12-24 months size and has plenty of room.
These are basically baby wetsuits.  They open out completely flat allowing you to lay flat, pop you baby on top and Velcro them in.  The shoulder are adjustable with Velcro and there is even a bottom flap meaning should you need to change a nappy mid swim you don’t need to take off the whole suit.
It is made from 2mm thick soft neoprene and means babies are able to stay in the water for much longer without getting cold.  They are also gripable too meaning when you have a slippery wet wriggly baby after swimming they are easier to hold on to.  These retail at £18.99 however are on offer currently for £16.99 – you also receive a free pack of floating blinkie toys for the bath or to take swimming with you (these are flashing toys – duck, fish and dolphin which start flashing upon contact with water, they stop when you remove from the water).
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Lastly, we also received a Roll & Go changer which is perfect for popping into the swimming bag. 
Where our lessons were we needed to change the babies poolside, there were no changing mats or tables so you either took your own or used your towel.  This is a great size of 41.5cm x 70 cm and is easy to unfold.  It has a neoprene front making it nice and soft to lay on and a soft rubber backing meaning it won’t move about when you are changing wet wriggly babies.  Once finished just roll it back up and go.  It is also fast drying.
These are also good for popping into your changing bags too and they retail at £9.99.
We have absolutely adored being #Swimologists – Harry loves water and now ever more so as he can stay in the water for longer.
Our swimming lessons have now finished however it has spurred me to continue with them.  We have stopped over the Summer as they weren’t compatible with our schedule and I couldn’t leave Emmy at the side of the pool unattended while I was in the pool with Harry.  He is signed up to start at our local pool when Emmy has her lessons though with these lessons starting in September.
All of these products and more are available from the website and you can also follow on Facebook and Twitter.  Why not follow the hashtag #Swimologist to see what the other Ambassadors have been getting up to?
Disclaimer:  We received these items and 2 terms of swimming lessons as part of our Ambassador programme and in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts are our own.

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