Review: Takker, A gadget every household needs!

Looking around my home I’ve blue-taked pictures up which Emmy has drawn, wall stickers galore yet the memories I want displayed are on the floor in my spare room.

Pictures have been beautifully framed and canvases created yet they lay piled.
When both children were weeks old I painstakingly moulded their hands and feet using plaster and making casts of them to capture forever just how small they were, yet sadly those although framed have sat on a shelf.

The reason for this is I’ve concrete walls in my house, so while yes it is possible to put up pictures it’s not an easy process.  You can’t just hammer a nail or a tack in and hope it holds…I’ve tried.  You actually need to get out a drill and then it’s still not an easy thing to do, providing at the time the drill is charged it takes some force to get through concrete.

This is a Paul job, hence those pictures are laying in the spare room!
Well they were until today that is.
With thanks to this nifty gadget called a Takker.


This drills through any surface in seconds, that was the claim and I was very sceptical as to whether it would work but it does and it is so simple that even I can do use it, and I have.
All of those pictures are now on the wall displayed for all to see.
The children’s casts are now on display in the landing,  Harry’s name art on his wall, Emmy’s canvas on her wall and ours in our bedroom.
The memories I had lovingly captured and framed can now be seen and shared.
It really is simple to use – choose where you want your picture hanging:
  • Mark the place where you want to make your hole on the wall
  • Align the Hardwall Takker drill bit against the mark
  • Hold the Hardwall Takker firmly against the wall and turn the handle continuously

  • When the floating base of the Hardwall Takker compresses fully the hole is at the exact depth to take the Takk
  • Takks and spare drill bits are stored in the handle – simply select a Takk and load into the designated inserter slot in the Takker

  • Push the Takk firmly into the wall
  • Use a picture hook or any other accessory to hang your item – the Takk can support a weight of up to 12kg when used with the multipurpose hook

The dust is collected inside the Takker to contain the mess – to empty hold upright over the bin and tap gently.

If you are as taken with this gadget as I am – I am currently eyeing up the wall space and deciding whether to buy new pictures just so I can play with it some more – then they currently have a Christmas offer where you can save 25% off any purchase from the website, just use the code XMAS2014

This has changed things in my household and I now no longer need to wait weeks years for those pictures to be hung!  Everyone should have one of these in their Christmas stocking!

The Takker is available in 2 versions:
Takker: Priced at Ā£9.99

For Plasterboards, internals walls and wooden surfaces

  • Hangs up to 10 kilos
  • Takks leave tiny 1mm hole
  • Works with range of accessory hooks
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Designed and manufactured in UK
    Hardwall Takker (which I have): Priced at Ā£22.49

    For Brick, Concrete, Ceramic Tiles and Plasterboard walls

  • Hangs up to 12 kilos
  • Replaces the need to use electric drills, wall plugs, screws and screwdrivers
  • Use indoors and outdoors
  • Collects drilling debris ā€“ no mess
  • Hardwall Takks leave 3mm diameter hole
  • Designed and manufactured in UK
    Available from

    Disclaimer:  We were sent this item for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own and unbiased. 

    5 thoughts on “Review: Takker, A gadget every household needs!

    1. This sounds brilliant. I've got so many pictures I want to put up in N's room, but this would make it so easy. think the OH would go mad it me starting putting things in the wall though!

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