Review: Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bed

Harry is a lively boy, he has always loved climbing and it was only a matter of time before he started to climb out of his cot.
Emmy did this at around 18 months so we moved her into a toddler bed at 19 months, Harry as with everything did this much earlier so we took the side off of his cot at around 18 months and replaced it with a bed guard.
Recently we were sent a lovely Thomas the Tank Engine bed from Worlds apart and we set about making the proper transition from cot to a big boys bed (well toddler bed but to Harry it is a BIG boys bed).
From the off I was a little worried who this would transpire as he was a good sleeper but a fidget.  In his cot he was fine as could have a sleeping bag, when the side was removed we swapped for a duvet but he would move constantly around the bed – starting with his head at one end and mid way through the night would travel to the other end.  I would have to recover him many times a night, following him with the covers.
All set for a challenge we dismantled the cot and set about making the Thomas the Tank Engine bed – of course when I say we I do mean Paul!  I  watched and photographed!
The thing we were most amazed at was the size of the box this came in – it’s tiny, I know it’s only a kids bed but I was expecting a bigger box, but no all the contents fit nicely and compactly into a small box with the long bed side being the biggest part and that comes in 2 separate sections per side.
There were clear pictured instructions and the parts were easy to identify from the pictures.
It was just a matter of matching them up and bolting together.
From unpacking to finishing took around 25 minutes, that’s with Harry trying to help out a little too.
The base is made from wide slats which are actually very strong and they have withheld a good bouncing on from Harry so this is a bed which will last a while.
Harry really loves his new bed as he is Thomas obsessed – one the first night he had to kiss the bed a few times before going to sleep in it.
The Thomas design is wonderful, bright and true to the Thomas we all know and love.
There is a Velcro funnel which you can add to the bed, a rectangle of material which adds an extra detail to the bed – we actually took this off almost instantly as it kept flopping down and kept being pulled off by the kids.
This bed has small toddler sides to it which obviously aren’t as high as the bed guard Harry was used to but enough to stop him rolling out of bed.
Adjusting to this bed is going to take a while because of his constant turning around, I am still following him around with the duvet and he has pillows at both ends of the bed for when he turns in the night.  He uncovers himself often and is waking in the night often because he is either cold or has fallen out of bed.
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This bed is from and was sent in exchange for an honest review – all thoughts and opinions are our own.


20th November 2014
We turned the bed around in Harry’s room as the hall light had been bothering him.
December 2014
He now no longer travels the bed in the night
We have added a duvet clip to the bed, this is on elastic which goes under the mattress and clips to the duvet to help hold it in place.  He is now sleeping through the night and staying covered up

I have had to get into the bed with Harry on a few occasions when he has woken in the night and wants a cuddle – it’s still in one piece so is very strong.


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