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The kids have really gotten into riding their bikes since the summer holidays. So much so that Paul and I have had to dust off our bikes, do some stretches and do our best to keep up.
Of course as Harry is only 3 he finds the family bike rides difficult especially when we go to the fields behind our house, he has staberlisers on his bike so it isn’t always possible for him to ride over the grass.
We thought that he would like to try a seat on the back of our bikes for a few of the family rides. Thule very kindly sent him a RideAlong bike seat which fitted easily onto both Paul’s and my bike to try out.


Fitting the seat I left to Paul as I didn’t want to chance it falling off if I didn’t get tight enough.
It was actually very easy to fix onto the frame. Open up the fitting unit and tighten onto the frame with an Allen key. You then slide the metal frame into the seat, through the holes and then the seat then slots into the holes on the unit on the frame and once you’ve the height you’d like it (slide nearer to the frame for smaller children, or away for older and bigger children) you lock into place with the key and you’re ready to go.  There is a video tutorial on fixing this into place on the website.
This seat unit comes with a padded seat liner which is reversible.  It is orange on one side and blue on the other.
The straps are height adjustable and the adjustable footrests feature a strap to keep little feet securely in place.
You can also recline the seat position with 5 recline positions for long rides where your child may fall asleep and of course for younger children.
Harry was a little unsure of this before trying it, he thought he would be missing out by not having his bike however when he was safely strapped in and we set off all that could be heard from him was “This is fun”, and “I love it”.
He absolutely loves being up high behind us, seeing the same things we see and not getting tired.  This means we are able to go further as a family on our bike rides.


As you can see from the pictures he really does enjoy it.  It does get cold when he is up there as the wind catches him when we ride fast so we try to remember a blanket for him, the snugglebundle is ideal for on this bike seat as it fastens with velcro around him so doesn’t fall or and can’t be kicked off.
Harry especially loves it when I ride my bike to pick him up on a Monday lunch time from school,  his teachers find it amusing too…but I’m sure thats because he insists on taking his helmet and wearing it in the classroom long before home time.
One good thing about this seat is you can mount a light onto the back which is great for the darker evenings and low light.
As I am short I do find it a little trickier to ride with Harry in the seat as it makes the bike back heavy but after practice it gets much easier, I just need to remember to balance myself properly when riding on the roads.  I would suggest practicing a lot before hitting the roads with the seat attached if you haven’t used one before.

If you have two bikes you are able to purchase another fixing unit which means you can very easily change the seat unit between bikes by just unlocking and sliding out the seat and placing onto the other bike.  This would be very useful when out on long rides and one parent gets tired.

We really love this seat and Harry certainly does too, holding tightly to the handgrips and shouting faster, faster.

The Thule RideAlong is suitable for children up to the age of 6 years.

There is also a RideAlong Mini version of this seat while is suitable for up to 3 years of age.  Available from

19 thoughts on “Review: Thule RideAlong bike seat

  1. Oh my goodness this looks amazing! POD is a bit big now but it would have been great for when she was younger. The seat seems much studier than the ones I've seen in the past too. Hope you're having lots of fun with it!

  2. My husband has just got himself a bike after me nagging him for over a year and we cannot wait to go on family bike rides! I have always wanted a bike carrier like this x

  3. What a lovely way to get around – lucky him! This sounds like a particularly good seat (like that it has a light). I remember when mine were small, I also found it hard to cycle with my daughter on the back (her daddy used to have the seat on his….)

  4. These seats are great aren't they – we had one with my eldest, but for some reason havent got round to doing it again with the younger ones – maybe I should see if I still have it in the garage!

  5. This seat looks really great. I see all kind of bike seats around here in Berlin, and they don't all look as safe and comfy as this one. I can understand why Harry likes it 🙂

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