Review: Westons Wyld Wood Cider

When I was asked if I would like to try a new cider of course I wasn’t going to say no.  Its often my drink of choice.
Wyld Wood Cider is a traditional premium cider brand aimed at women. Produced from fruit sourced in Herefordshire’s organic orchards the emphasis is very much on its organic and rural origin.

A little about Westons:
“Westons has produced organic cider for over 15 years and Wyld Wood is a brand that comes straight from the heart of our values. It illustrates our deep and on-going passion for good quality cider and our respect for nature and wildlife.”

“It was re-branded Wyld Wood back in September 2011 to emphasise its organic and rural origin. We wanted to refresh the brand so consumers feel more connected with the simple, natural beauty of its origin.”


I wasn’t expecting the amount they sent though and I still haven’t worked my way through it all.
There were two different types,  the bottles are HUGE and are a fizzy cider. These are for me best served in a tall glass at the end of a very long day and are amazingly delicious.  Very easy to drink and definitely less gassy – one thing which puts my off buying cider when out….no burping away with this one. Wyld Wood cider has a truly appley, fresh and full-bodied taste. This cider is produced using organic cider apples and matured in old oak vats which results in an easy to drink cider with a ripe apple aroma and a refreshing well balanced taste. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs – You can find these in supermarkets or order online (12 x 500ml (6% vol) bottles cost £26 with free delivery)
The boxes are a still cider and I really wasn’t as keen on this.  Cider to me needs to be bubbling or it’s just not the same.  Produced from specially selected top quality organic cider apples, this organic medium dry, still cider is fully matured in old oak vats to develop a full bodied rich character with a clear, bright amber colour.  The plus side to the boxes are they have a shelf life of 6 weeks once they are opened so can stay in the fridge for ages, the downside is that as it is there in the fridge it’s easy to get to and I found I drank more than I would have done if it wasn’t already opened (if you know what I mean).  These boxes are also available in supermarkets or sold online 4 x 3L boxes (6% vol) for £32 with free delivery)
What this still cider is good for is cooking.  Leave in the fridge until a recipe calls and them pop some in with your meal while it cooks and it is delicious.


One of my favourites is a pan fried pork in a creamy sage sauce.  By replacing the white wine with cider completely changes the taste of the meal and helps to enhance the flavours of the sage. Why not try some for yourselves?  Wyld Wood has a few recipes on their website which sound delicious including a Sweet perry jelly and summer fruits with elderflower ice-cream which I just have to try out soon.
You can find more information about Wyld Wood Cider on the website, or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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