Room 101 meme

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Kate of Family Fever to complete the simple room 101 meme.
Well I say simple but I struggled.  You see I’ve many many pet hates I want banished, so finding just 3 was really hard.
Finally after a few days thinking I’ve settled on:

Grass allergies, hate grass, room 101, meme,


Yes I know I’ll never get rid of it but I don’t like it. I’m allergic to freshly cut grass – if I touch it I get a rash and it makes me sneeze causing a hay fever flare up.
I cut ours regularly however given a week of nice weather or a week of showers and its out of hand and needs doing again.
I really want to change our back garden so it has artificial grass – perfect for the kids to play on, no muddy patches when it rains and easy to clean up the dog mess.
Swimming pool, stupid swimming pool hours, pool open times, room 101, meme,


 Stupid hours at the swimming pool
A big bug bear of mine currently is the weekday hours available at my swimming pool.
The toddler pool is open 2-4pm.  While Emmy is at school 12-2.55pm I was hoping to take Harry for some one-on-one time however by the time the doors open, we get changed and into the pool, he could have 20 minutes before it would be time to get out, dried and dressed and walk to pick Emmy up from school.
Needless to say I’ve not managed to take him yet.

Blatant copying,, room 101, meme


Blatent content coping
Really is it necessary?  Are we back at school?
OK, there may be times where you want to reword something someone has written, and yes that is fine if you have their permission.
However what I actually mean is completely copying and pasting from someone else and putting on your page to pass off as your own.
It’s always obvious when this has been done as the sound/feel of your page/website/blog doesn’t necessarily match that of who you have copied from – however if you feel it is really necessary and you can’t reword it – remember to change the names of those written about to your own family names!  It will be noticed

I am now tagging Hex Mum, Lucy’s Mad House & Monster’s Fun House to join in with this meme and share what would be in their room 101.


7 thoughts on “Room 101 meme

  1. Ha, I've not had my actual words stolen, but I've had a post idea, photograph style, format style etc pinched around three times now.If the person tagged me back in then it wouldn't be quite so bad. I adore grass so can't agree with you on that one!

    Nipping over from the blogsRus share thread.

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