Changing the hall and stairs – Room makeover progress report

If you follow me on any of my social media channels you will have seen we are amidst a makeover project – we are changing the look of our hall, landing and stairs currently.
When we moved in, this house had previously belonged to Paul’s parents and obviously was decorated by them – we’ve now been here for around 12 years which is a very long time and although we have decorated a few of the rooms by painting the walls and adding our own furniture a few things have never been changed including the carpets.
As our hallway and stairs are the areas to get the most traffic throughout the day, times that by 12 years of use, two kids, 2 adults and a dog you can imagine the wear and tear. 
When we moved in the hallway walls were a vivid green colour, there was a dark green carpet, yellow bookcases and cupboards in the hall and a dark wood banister.  One of our first jobs was to paint white over the green walls and that’s as far as the hall decorating went, barring a few deep cleans of the carpet.
It had been on my list of jobs to at least repaint as it was a bodged quick job, just to cover over the horrid green until we had time – as you can imagine life just takes over and you never really find that time.
Carpetright, Valspar, room makeover
Carpetright, Carpetright Clapham, Room makeover
When Carpetright got intouch to discuss a room make-over project I jumped at the chance and knew the hall and stairs would be the perfect project.  Emmy and I had great fun browsing the Clapham Store and discussing our flooring needs with the team before finally picking the perfect options for us.  I went in with a vague idea of what I liked and came out with something completely different but totally perfect for our needs.
Over the past two weeks we have been preparing ready for this makeover project, the walls and ceiling have been painted, mirrors have been put up and after a discussion late one evening Paul and I decided that the banister and bookcases would look better if we painted them.
Sadly it has taken us a lot longer than we had initially thought as it’s not a job which can be done while the children are around.  I planned to do a little during the time both children were in School all day but sadly Harry was off sick with Croup and then Emmy has been off with stomach pains, this just left a few evenings but as often happens things don’t go to plan and evenings have been limited too.
This meant that we have only managed to give the banisters 3 coats of primer and the bookcases 1 coat.  I have to say though that the banister already looks better than it did and I can not wait to show you the finished makeover. 
Room makeover project, carpetright, valspar
I won’t tell you which colour we have chosen as I want it to be a surprise but of course you are welcome to guess.  We decided after an email hit my inbox, upon opening an idea started to form – the email was to showcase the new PAN palette collection from Valspar.
Valspar, pan, palette, room makeover
 The new colour palette has been inspired by the movie release of PAN, the colours are inspired by scenes from the movie from the magical night’s sky to the rich turquoise of the enchanted lagoon.
Of course one of the plus points was that the Premium paints feature a super scrub formula and have undergone vigorous scrub testing which means that they won’t fade or chip when cleaned making it our perfect choice for a high traffic area such as the hall, especially with the kids still being quite young.
Now the carpets and tiles are down we have to really crack on with this project and I honestly can’t wait to show you the final finished project which WILL be finished in time for Christmas (Paul are you reading? This has to be finished ASAP)
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One thought on “Changing the hall and stairs – Room makeover progress report

  1. I cannot wait to see your finished hallway/stairs. I also have carpet envy – we desperately need new stairs carpet and the stripes are just what we've been looking at! x

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