Rotten weather provokes daydreaming

Bank holiday weekend was so hot that I actually got sunburnt in the garden on Monday while we enjoyed a family BBQ, of course I sun creamed the kids however as always running around after them I forgot myself, parenting fail – lead by example I know!!
Now the weather has turned it has provoked my daydreaming,  I’m currently daydreaming of Egypt and many other destinations and remembering the last time I was very badly sunburnt.
It was the type of sunburn which makes you very poorly, bedridden poorly and it was very very stupid of me!
It was back in 2007 on the last day of my Honeymoon in Egypt, We had packed up and had a few hours to kill until the coach was arriving to take us back to the airport.  We had to check out of our room however could use the hotel facilities for as long as we wanted.  It hadn’t occurred to me that we would be outdoors during this time, only that I needed to pack up ready to fly home.
For the whole of the holiday I had been so careful with applying, reapplying and reapplying my P20 – a suncream which needs only applying once a day – however I’m originally a redhead and fair skinned so was determined not to spoil my holiday which had been wonderful and extremely hot averaging over 30 degrees everyday.
It was so typical of me to ruin that on the last day.  We sat around the pool sipping cocktails, laughing and joking and retelling stories of our wonderful holiday, it was only later on the plane on the way home did I feel ill, very very ill.  I was beyond lobster red, could not sit down comfortably which of course makes a plane journey rather impossible.  The pain was unreal and the looks I got, the looks which said “look at that idiot” from those who knew better and the looks of “Ouch, I’ve been there and done that too” from others.
Such a shame to end a wonderful holiday on such a downer.
If you haven’t been to Egypt before then I can highly recommend it, do wear your suncream though!  We stayed in Sharm El Sheikh in the sister hotel to the Savoy.
It was one of the best holidays I have ever been on, we rode camels, had dinner in the desert with the Bedouin, visited the pyramids. visited the temples of Luxor and Karnack, visited the Egyptian museum and went out on the red sea in a glass bottomed boat.
I would love to go back again and can highly recommend as a honeymoon destination, although one tip I have to offer is please don’t let the locals know you are on honeymoon!  They can be really pushy trying to get you to buy their wares and once they know you are on honeymoon they invite you in for tea and although very welcoming and accommodating they become even pushier in insisting their goods will bring you a happy and healthy marriage and constantly ask when the babies are arriving – to them marriage instantly means children straight away – having said that my Father-in-law also started asking when we were on honeymoon!!



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17 thoughts on “Rotten weather provokes daydreaming

  1. I would love to go to Egypt! I got badly sunburned on my honeymoon to Corfu – my legs never change colour so I just didn't apply the sun cream……big mistake!!

  2. I got awfully burnt and ended up being ill when i was to thailand as a teenager. I went out scuba diving and fell asleep on the boat on the top. I was under an umbrella but as the sun moved around, i was exposed and i was so so ill as i am really fair. I spent the rest of the holiday shivering under a blanket on the side of the pool while everyone else was baking hot in 30 degrees heat! ha x

  3. I was in Morroco last year and had my first (and last!!) camel ride! Jeeez!! I had the last and the youngest camel so he wasn't "ready" to carry people yet. In the middle of the dessert I started to cry and just got of the camel 😀 They had to send a car for us! But at least they took us to traditional bakery instead 😀

  4. Ouch, ouch, OUCH! I feel for you, especially as you felt so poorly on the plane 🙁 Glad you had a great holiday though, and the moral is to always have sun cream in your handbag!! Egypt is on my bucket list of places to visit….one day!

  5. I would love to visit Egypt – I'm not very widely travelled. I too burn really really easily so would be very careful!

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