Rubber-dub-dub are you cleaning in the tub?

Forget about ‘How clean is your house’, how about ‘How clean are you?’
According to this infographic produced by many people have only 4 baths a year.  Now I know I am a busy Mum with very little ‘me time’ but even I manage to get a nice long soak in the bath about once a fortnight.  Don’t get me wrong, I shower every single morning and I often get into the tub with the kids for their evening bath but a nice long soak is my luxury.
It also suggests that 60% of bath taking Brits share a tub with their partners – that’s definitely true here but in a water saving way as opposed to a romantic way.  I bath first then top up the hot water for Paul to hop in once I’m finished and head to bed.  This is perfect for us as the longest I am in the bath is around 30-40 minutes, whereas he will bathe for around 2 hours, he has a medical condition called Fibromyalgia which leaves him with sore and achy muscles and joints, a hot bath helps to ease the pain.
What are your bathing habits? Are you an everyday bather or a once a year on your birthday bather?




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