Rubik Cube 2×2 review and giveaway

A little while ago I introduced you to a new type of Rubik aimed at children in the shapes of animals, Harry loved these although they were too young for Emmy – but it didn’t stop he playing around with it for ages.

Recently she was sent one of the other new products in the children’s range – the 2×2 Rubik cube.

This is exactly the same as the traditional cube we all know and either love or loathe only far simpler and aimed at children.

Unlike the old version these don’t have coloured stickers but coloured tiles instead so they is NO cheating when you get stuck…..I know I have done that on many occasions.

It also has a brand new mechanism that results in a smoother, faster and more reliable Rubik’s Cube. It might look easy but don’t be fooled – it is still a challenge. The 2×2 Rubik’s Cube (also known as the pocket or mini cube) consists of 8 corner cubies and operates in much the same way as its bigger brother – the Rubik’s Cube. As it is smaller than the traditional Rubik’s cube it can be more easily slipped into a pocket or bag, making it the perfect item to take on a bus, train or airplane. It also makes a great present for younger puzzle enthusiasts who might not be ready for a fully-fledged 3×3 Rubik’s Cube. The Rubik’s 2×2 Cube has 3,674,160 permutations and only one solution!

Emmy is currently rather frustrated with her cube as she was convinced it would be easy to solve but 40 minutes later and she is still twisting and turning muttering “it’s impossible”

Giveaway Time

I am giving away 2 Rubik 2×2 cubes to 2 lucky winners (each winner will receive one 2×2 cube each).

For your chance to win this prize please enter via the rafflecopter form below.

This giveaway will close at midnight on 2nd March 2018 and is open to UK entrants only.

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89 thoughts on “Rubik Cube 2×2 review and giveaway

  1. Not without cheating lol. I remember being very little and my mom being totally amazed that I could finish the cube, what she didn’t realise until my little sister sold me out was that I had removed and restuck the stickers. lol.

  2. No I’ve never completed the traditional Rubix cube – not as you’re supposed to anyway 🙂 I might just have taken one to bits and completed it that way!!

  3. No. Many attempts when I was young, but never got there! Might be able to master this one if my daughter let me (and I was lucky enough to win). Thank you 🙂

  4. No i have never completed a full rubiks cube, I never had the patience, I always made it worse trying to complete it, my 13 year old son is the same and his is now in my 5 year old daughters toy box xx

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