Ruby Wedding Anniversay – Congratulations Mum & Dad

Today marks my parents 40th wedding anniversary.

How amazing is that!

I often joke that they could have served jail sentences shorter than their marriage but do you know what…..they’d not have wanted to.

They’ve spent almost a lifetime together meeting in their late teens in the town I now live in. Falling in love very quickly and marrying when my Mum was only 20 with Dad being just a few years older.

Shortly after, I arrived and 18 months after that, my brother completed our family.

They spent their early married years working hard raising a family and building a loving home. That love and devotion have grown and blossomed over those years of marriage.

Of course they fight and bicker, who doesn’t, but they always make up and have become stronger and stronger with every knock life throws at them.

They taught me that teamwork is key to everything and are always there when I need them, as I am for them.

40 years is absolutely AMAZING.

When you fall in love and get married you pledge to spend your life with that one person, and the fact they actually have makes me so proud of that bond they have.

They’ve set the bar high and are what I aspire to.

I’m so proud of my parents, they work so hard at everything they do, most of the time they work too hard and they need to slow down a little but they never listen.

Mum and Dad

We love you with all our heart.

Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversay

Here’s to the next chapter where you hopefully take some time to enjoy yourselves and relax a little and stop working so hard

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