Running a Business – From Home or from the Office?

As a start-up business, you’ll reach a point where you’ll wonder whether to keep the business at home or move into an office space. There are pros and cons to both, and ultimately, making the decision will be based on what works for your business. Here’s a list of things to consider before you make that all-important decision!


To really enjoy any of the benefits of moving the business out of your home, your company’s income needs to be large enough and stable enough to support it. If you want to move out of your home office, but keep costs to a minimum, then perhaps seek out serviced office space – check out serviced offices in Birmingham, Manchester, or Liverpool, for cheaper alternatives to London.

Separation of work and personal life

Anyone who has worked at home has had that pang of guilt about being in the house, your workplace, and not working when there are outstanding tasks. Having an external office helps you create a mental barrier in between your business and your personal life, giving you freedom to be ‘clock off’ when you’re at home. Here are some simple tips for helping create that separation which may be required.

Networking opportunities

You’re not going to meet all that many people at home. Getting out of the house and into the working world is a great way to make connections without having to drag yourself to networking meetings. At the same time, it’s good for your sanity to be out of the house in a ‘work’ environment. The social interaction and sensation of normality are helpful against the daunting task of running your own business, and you’re more likely to be out among other SME owners. Networking can be done from home however, there are specific business-networking websites and even a number of Facebook groups to get you started.

Increased admin

Having an office means taking care of an office; dealing with rent, energy bills, insurance and a slew of other small bills which can sap time out of your business. However, most of the admin of running an office can be slashed by taking up serviced offices. Seek out a top serviced office provider to make sure you get the best deal for your budding business.


The home office’s flexibility can’t really be beaten. If you have young children or needy pets in the house during the day, being able to dip in and out of your workplace and deal with your personal life is a huge privilege. That said, dealing with the distractions around the house might just be heaping stress on your work time.


Having office space means you can take on staff and run your company without off-site employees, but if you’re planning to stay solo you’re probably better off investing in the business than spending on unnecessary office space.

It’s not an easy decision to move out of the home office, but it’s a sound move if you need the distance between work and home, or if you need space for the company to expand. If you’re on the fence, you could try a hot desk or co-work situation to see if you enjoy the feeling before looking at a permanent move.

Setting up an online business from home, that you can work around your family is no mean feat, it takes an abundance of energy, tenacity, drive and belief. Sometimes it may be overwhelming and on those days it can be beneficial to change your working environment. Hiring a hot desk in a business centre, using the library or even setting up base in a quiet coffee shop (with no children!) can be the catalyst needed to help refocus and re-evaluate goals or meet a looming deadline.

Do you work from an office, or do you work from home? Which do you prefer?  As you know I work from home but I do find it has the downside of being far too easily distracted by the washing, cleaning and household chores which need doing but it also has the advantages of very rarely missing a delivery and always being around for the school pick ups and assemblies.

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