Safe in the knowledge my kids are looked after when I go – I’ve written a will!

Getting married at the age of 27 was a big step for Paul and I.  We already had the house and had been together for 6 years so it was the next step as we always wanted to be married before kids (plus Paul’s mum would have killed us both if we weren’t).

The next step was always kids for us and started trying a year later. Little did we know it would take a while and be filled with heartache and complications.
When Emmy finally arrived 2 months after my 30th she was the love of our lives and we would do anything and everything for her, the same goes for Harry who arrived 2 years later.
Just why it’s taken us so long to write a Will I don’t know.  It’s one of those things you put off and put off thinking you’ll look into it tomorrow or next week but it never happens.
When Maximum Inheritance got in touch offering their services in exchange for a review it was the push I needed. No longer would it be put off and left until another day.
Ade called and talked a little through the process in advance and booked in a time when Paul and I would both be in to arrange our call back to collect all the data and information needed to write our will.
He was very punctual with his call and asked all the questions needed, explaining any I didn’t understand.  He put questions to me I would never have thought of and it really made me think about what I really wanted to happen to the kids, house, money and jewellery etc. when I was no longer here.
Simple things I had already planned like who would look after the kids should both Paul and I pass away, there was no doubt in my mind who that would be and it had already been discussed with my best friend.  Other things like would be the executor of our will needed thinking about in greater detail as did dividing up our estate in a fair way.

The thing I had greatest difficulty getting my head around was something I would never had thought about until Ade brought it up – was would happen to my share of the money and my share of the house should I die and Paul re-marry?  Obviously I would want my share to go to the kids, Paul is capable of looking after himself however I always plan for mine to pass to them.  If however I were to pass away before they come of age it would automatically go to Paul, and should he remarry it was be past onto his new wife… forward, and what if Paul were to die before the kids come of age?  It would go to the new wife.

I joked with Ade, saying it was very much like Cinderella and her wicked step-mother.  This is something I would never have thought of happening however something that could happen and it needs planning for.

The solution was to write a Mirror will which we have now done.  This sets out that my share of EVERYTHING goes into a trust fund for the children which they can access at the age of 21 should anything happen to me, Paul’s will is exactly the same – his share of EVERYTHING will go into trust for the children should anything happen to him.

Once Ade had taken all of our details and recorded all of our wishes he took a few days to write our will and emailed it over to me to have a look at and he also send a version across which was in easy to understand language which broke down all of our wishes and laid out in layman’s terms for us to understand.

We also arranged a time for Ade to visit our house to have our will formally signed, we had to have 2 witnesses here to witness us signing these documents and the process was finished.

I found the whole process very easy and I would highly recommend everyone to get their effects in order and to organise yourselves and get your will written.

If you would like further information on this please visit the website:

Disclosure:  I received this service for free in exchange for a review however this have not influenced my thoughts or opinions at all.  I am also an affiliate Maximum Inheritance, this post also contains my affiliate link for your convenience and to bring you special offers.

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