Safety in the kitchen

Earlier this week I wrote a post on how my whole idea of baby proofing the house had changed since having children, I had always thought I would teach them the word NO, have no stairgates and life would be perfect – but children have a strange way of changing your life around and having their own plans.
What I hadn’t accounted for was Harry’s ability to copy and to climb.
While I had been cleaning the kitchen floor using the steam cleaner, he managed to climb on top of it – thankfully he was just focusing on holding himself steady and to stop himself from falling to play with the hob but from that day onwards I have been very conscious about gas safety in the house.  Note the lock on the fridge – I had thought about him playing in there and he had been doing that previously so we quickly needed a lock (or loose all yogurts, milk etc. kept in the fridge), I hadn’t thought he would be tall enough to touch the hob just yet though.
A very important parenting lesson here is to never underestimate your children, the are far cleverer than we think and have a way of surprising us daily.
From that day on I have been very conscious of gas safety in our house:
  • I don’t leave steps or steam cleaners unattended in the kitchen
  • I have stainless steel covers over the gas rings on the hob for when it’s not in use
  • I added stove knob locks which prevent the children from turning them (a little annoying for adults at times but it stops the dials being turned)
  • I have a carbon monoxide detector in the house
Now the children are older I have taught them why they are NOT allowed to play with the cooker or the hob, they are not off limits to them by all means BUT they can only use them supervised with me.
We love to bake and cook as a family, well the children and I do anyway and they love nothing more that making cakes, cookies, stews, soups and other tasty treats for us all to enjoy.
I let the children chop and prepare the ingredients for our meals, they measure them out and they stir them while cooking on the hob but they are always supervised.
I feel that by allowing them the freedom to help with these tasks it shows them that I do trust them enough to help and will stop them from wanting to touch the dangers which lie within a kitchen.  They know they are NOT allowed to touch these under any circumstances unless I am with them and have given them permission to do so. 
Also in my kitchen I have all sharp knives in a knife block hidden away in a knife block on the window sill behind the sink where the children have no way of reaching them, the other sharp utensils are in a locked kitchen drawer, the kitchen cupboards containing the cleaning chemicals have locks on and I have a fire extinguisher within easy reach in the kitchen.  Emmy also knows where the extinguisher is kept and we have talked about escape routes out of the house should there ever be an emergency.
Do your children help you in the kitchen? What safety measures do you have in place in your kitchen?
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