Santa Came early – PNP #Review

For the past two years Santa has sent Emmy a personalised Video which she can watch in the comfort of her own home courtesy of his Portable North Pole.
This year was no different only I believe she is at more of an age to understand what she is being told and to take it all in fully.
If you’re unfamiliar with the PNP then you must take a look. With a few prompts from parents (as Santa is super busy after all this time of year) you can make a personised video from Santa Claus for your child to watch online for free!  This video is around a minute and a half long if using the free version.
For a small price of £2.99 you can make a premium Christmas video which allows you to personalise with additional photo’s and add video clips of Santa from different parts of the North Pole (i.e. his workshop or with his reindeer – which aren’t included in the free version) – this video is then around 6 minutes long.   By paying for this version you also get a video to show your child on Christmas eve.  To download the mp4 version of these video’s you need to pay extra.
Video’s can be personalised by adding your child’s name, add photos,  choose the present your child wants for Christmas and can inform Santa any goals your child may need to work towards, for example Emmy has been told she need to remember to brush her teeth before bed every night.
You can then chose if they need to go on the naughty or nice list.
PNP a personalised video
A still from Emmy’s personalised video
Making this video is simple, it takes only a few minutes at most, unfortunately the options to personalise can be a little limited.  Luckily Emmy wants a watch for Christmas and that’s on the toy list but there are very few options there really to choose from so you may need to choose the ‘toy’ option which is fine for younger children but not so good for older ones.
I love how these video’s help to build the excitement – you meet the elves, see them building toys and they find your child’s own folder in the library.
Letter from Santa, PNPWe sat down as a family to watch Emmy’s video from Santa and she thought it was magical.
This year the PNP have treated us and given us a special code to use which allowed me to personalise a colouring book (£4.99) for Emmy. This was sent in the post and took around a week to arrive but she found it very special.  She also recieved a nice list certificate (£4.49) and a personalised letter from Santa (£6.49).
This has added to her excitement as Santa has taken the time to send her some special presents early.
These can be bought and sent to your child at an additional cost.

We’ve also a special Christmas eve video to watch from Santa which I’ve peeked at but not shown Emmy yet! I can safely say she will love it.

And through the PNP you can buy credit for Santa to call your child! Emmy recieved her 1st call today and he told her that her behaviour needs to improve…..she has been very naughty today.  This has helped and since he called she has been as good as gold. (these calls cost £2.99)
The magic the PNP brings to your home is amazing and we love it so much that ontop of the above which we recieved for review purposes I have made and customised Harry his own video which I’ve paid for.
If you haven’t made a video yet I can highly recommend you do, even if you choose the free version.
Disclaimer:  We were sent all of the above for the purpose of this post, all thoughts are my own and I then purchased Harry’s video and download.

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