Saving energy around the home

Have you ever stopped to think about the about of energy you use around your home on a typical day?

I can’t say it’s something I had until a few months ago.  When Paul and I were both out of work saving money became a habit.  I would look constantly at ways I could cut down on our bills.
Curtains would be opened first thing in the morning instead of automatically putting on the lights, the kids and I would bath together to save water and the dishwasher and washing machine would only go on when they were full – simple things like this not only helped to save money but energy too which in turn if we all do a little bit will help to maintain the planet. 
We also recently had our loft insulated to prevent heat loss in the winter.
We are far more aware of the effect our actions have on the environment than perhaps our parents and grandparents did, and by teaching them young and showing by example we can give them a head start to saving energy without it being a chore, more second nature – helping them to save money in the process.

Currently, E.ON is also running their own energy saving campaign, which aims to help people monitor their energy usage and not using more than they need. The campaign has been created with the intention of cutting back on energy wastage, saving you money and helping you to do your bit for the planet.

One of the main ways this is being done is through the Saving Energy Toolkit which E.ON has launched for its customers. This allows E.ON customers to track their energy expenditure and compare it with that of their neighbours – helping you to identify how your performance measures up. Whether this sparks you to compete with your neighbours for the title of most efficient household or simply prompts you to reconsider how you use energy at home, it’s full of advantages.

Did you know that a huge amount of the energy that you are paying for is going completely to waste? Central heating is being lost through the ceiling, walls and ventilation shafts. Lights are being left on all the time, with computers, televisions and game consoles constantly on standby. Leaky taps are wasting water. An old washing machine or tumble dryer is costing as much money to maintain as it would to buy a new one.

In addition to the Saving Energy Toolkit, you could well be eligible for a home visit from an experienced professional from E.ON who will assess your home’s energy performance and point out areas for improvement. You could also benefit from special saving schemes, such as the warm home discount, which could save you £135 a year.

If you’re happy just to browse the E.ON website, you will come across all sorts of handy little tips and bits of advice to help you save energy, reduce your bills and make your home a more environmentally sound place to be.

I particularly benefitted from looking around E.ON’s “virtual home”, which helps you can pinpoint the things in each room of your home that are costing you money.

Saving energy doesn’t have to mean compromising on your quality of life. It merely means being a little more aware
If you would like to find out how you can save money around your home you will need to register online before you can manage your account and use the new E.ON tool.
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