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When I turned 18 my parents gave me a lump sum of Money, it was money they had been putting away weekly/monthly since I was born for me to have and to do with as I wanted.  It wasn’t a huge sum but it was enough for a holiday and some driving lessons.
I had always meant to do the same for my children however life gets in the way, cars break down, washing machines fail and rainy days always seem to take over – what savings we had have dwindled, especially when Paul lost his job and with me being self-employed it was never a right time to replenish them.
Both children have their own bank accounts which we put their Birthday Money, Christmas Money and some pocket money into.  There isn’t a huge amount in their but now we are back on our feet again with my income and now Paul back in a secure job I’ve been pondering how best to set aside some money for the children.
Of course I can add money to their accounts monthly however I have been wondering recently about ISA’s, stocks, shares and investing – there is more scope of having more money for the children if this is done correctly however of course having NO experience of this at all it is a daunting prospect.
I was recently introduced to Nutmeg, a company which makes investing easier regardless of your experience.
I’ve been having a play around with the site and found it’s actually not as daunting as I first though.  You can have a trial play around adding in figures such as the amount you want to invest each month and the time scale you choose to invest for.
You can then choose the risk scale for your investments, obviously to lower the risk the lower to projected targets are and the higher the risk the high the projected targets. 
I’m not a risk taker, Yes I have jumped out of a plane and climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge but when it comes to money which effectively will be for my children I don’t feel happy taking higher risks – I am happy to know they have something at the end of the investment period.
Scaling in a mild risk factor (slow and steady) here are the projections for an investment of £1000 to start with £50 added each month for 13 years (That’s when Emmy will be 18).
Having a play around on the site has been quite fun really, I expected it all to be very daunting however everything is clearly laid out and explained, and what I like best perhaps is that although Nutmeg might manage your investments for you that you remain in control. You can add, withdraw or transfer your money at any time. It’s your money, not Nutmeg’s after all!
This is the projected figures for the same level of investment but with a high risk factor involved:
I’m now a little less scared of the thought of investing my money and letting someone else take charge than I was and this video can
This really was a useful site and one I will be having a little more of a play around with before I make any final decisions.
Have you invested in stocks and shares before?  Is this something you would consider? 
Want to find out more?
Pop over to the Nutmeg site and try out their free, complete, interactive portfolio to see how it works.
 This video explains more:

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