Saving money as a #Morrisonsmum?

Recently I was chosen as a #Morrisonsmum, blogging parents selected to visit Morrisons over the bank holiday weekend on a mission to see if we could save money on our weekly shop.  We were given £80 of vouchers for this purpose.
Morrisons have recently slashed lots of their prices and you can see those cuts throughout the store with yellow stickers throughout the store.

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A note from Morrisons:
“This is the start of a new cheaper Morrisons.

 We’ve cut the prices on over a thousand of your favourite products. Not temporary reductions or supermarket smoke and mirrors, these are new every day low prices on the things you buy every week. So you’ll notice the difference with every shop.

And although we’re cutting prices, we’re not cutting corners. You can check our pricing at

You’ll still get award-winning meat and fish, still get trained butchers and bakers, still get the best of fresh on Market Street and still get friendly Morrisons service.”


I usually split my weekly shop between Lidl and Tesco,  buying all my meat and vegetables in Lidl and other essentials which I can’t get are bought in Tesco.  These shops are local to me and I save my Tesco clubcard points to buy the kids Christmas presents with.
I also always do the weekly shop along, well with Harry in the buggy and Emmy at school as they tend to add to the bill.
Sadly this happened over the weekend and the hubby and kids wanted to come so things were added to the trolley which usually aren’t on my list.
I ended up spending £91.87p
Now when I break it down £9 of that was toys which the kids managed to add into the basket (note to self….avoid the toy aisle)
£6.63 was coke and red bull which Paul added, these I don’t usually buy.
We did however manage to get lots of food for a family BBQ over the weekend.
Deals I noticed were 3 meats for £10 – sadly I couldn’t take advantage of these offers like I would normally as the shelves were empty.  I really liked the make your own pizza counters however these were closed when we visited at 4.30pm Saturday.
2 small packs of mince were £3.50 which is great as we eat lots of Bolognese, Lasagne and Meatballs so I stocked up and added some to the freezer.
Milk was also cheaper at 84p for 4 pints as apposed to £1 in Tesco.

A 9 pack of Andrex Aloe Vera toilet rolls was cheap at £4 and fresh fruit and vegetables were very reasonable.

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With some of the ingredients I made a lasagne,  a favourite for all of us:
2 tbsp. olive oil (I had this already)
300g mince (£1.75)
1 onion diced (33p)
2 Tbsp plain flour
12 Lasagne sheets (95p)
1 can Chopped Tomatoes (31p)
1 clove garlic (60p for a whole garlic – around 7p for 1 clove)
1/4 pint beef stock (9p) – (£1.19 for 12)
3 tbsp tomatoe puree (49p per tube – 3 tbsp. = 9p approx.)
I cheated and bought the white sauce – I usually make my own however at £1.23 for a Ragu sauce it was cheaper to buy.
To make the lasagne:
  • Pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees
  • Heat a large pan and add the oil
  • Brown the mince and add the diced onions until lightly browned
  • Add the flour and stir
  • Add the garlic, the tomatoe puree and the beef stock and bring to the boil
  • Add the chopped tomatoes and reduce to a simmer
  • Leave to simmer for around an hour

Once cooked add to a layer to an oven proof dish, top with lasagne sheets and a layer of white sauce, then repeat until you have run out – I manage to get 3 layers with my mixture.

Cook in the oven for 30/40 minutes and serve with garlic bread and a salad – if desired.

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Our meal costs £4.82 and fed 4 of us, the Morrisons Savers Garlic bread cost only 30p.

Overall I did find some of the items cheaper and others were on a par with my normal shop.

Disclaimer:  I was sent £80 vouchers for being a #MorrisonsMum and asked for honest and unbiased feedback which I am sharing with BritMums.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

19 thoughts on “Saving money as a #Morrisonsmum?

  1. That lasagne looks delicious and 30p for a garlic bread? What a bargain! Shame that the store wasn't stocked up with the BBQ meats, we were lucky as ours had plenty.

  2. Sounds like you found some good bits and your lasagne looks delish! It is a nightmare going shopping with kids and husbands isn't it – they always sneak things into the trolley!

  3. Looks like a very lovely lasagne. Thank you fof sharing your feedback on Morrisons. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  4. I don't remember the last time I spent under £100…. but then there ARE six of us and one of the a 16 yr old boy….. It's more like double that here!

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