Schleich Large Farm review

You may have already guessed by now that we are huge fans of the great outdoors, and we try to spend as much time as possible outside either in the woods behind our house, in the park or visiting our local farm.

We also spent an amazing holiday staying at Coombemill – a working farm in Cornwall when Emmy was just 18 months old, and it is somewhere we are determined to revisit so that Harry can enjoy all the pleasures of riding the tractor to the farm in the morning, collecting fresh eggs and feeding the animals their breakfasts.


When we were sent the Schleich Large Farm set the children were overjoyed, as was I.

This large farm with accessories is the perfect home for Schleich animals to live (it comes complete with a cow, calf, pig, farmer and accessories but can be added to at a later date). This is a great toy for encouraging imaginative play as well as teaching children about the responsibility of caring for animals without the cost of feeding them or cleaning up after them.

Thankfully, after looking inside the box I decided that I would set this up before letting the children see it and I am grateful that I did because there were A LOT of pieces inside the box, and as you know patience and children just don’t mix!

I admit that my heart sunk a little when I emptied the box as there were far more pieced to this set than I had imagined and I was glad I had chosen a day when both children were in school before attempting to make this.


There are very detailed image instructions so it is just a case of finding a big enough space to spread out the contents, peace and quiet and then the time to make it. I would suggest not trying to watch a TV show while doing this as it will take twice as long, and is probably the reason it took me over an hour.


Some of the sections are easier to put together than the others and I found the foundation walls a little tricky to slot into place.

You need to follow the instructions carefully as a couple of the sections are alike with only a very slight difference – but you need to ensure you’ve the correct one or it wont slot into the correct place.

It’s almost like a puzzle in its construction in that the outer pieces need to go down first and then the connecting pieces help to keep it all together.

Made from sturdy plastic this really is a very well made toy which will last for many years.


With working parts such as opening barn doors and windows, moveable massage brushes for the cows, a hay lift with crank and opening gates for the animals the attention to detail in this set is fantastic.

Every aspect of play has been thought about and all you’d expect to see on a farm has been added to this play set.

The roof can be removed with ease to make play easier and you can also use the roof as an added barn for the animals.

With a farmer working to tend to his animals, a wheel barrow, vegetables and animal food included in this set along with a Cow and her calf and a pig this set, once set up is ready to be played with.


You can of course add to this set with more animals available to buy separately as well as feeding sets and other add on items.

Both Emmy and Harry have been loving this farm set and have already asked to spend some of their pocket money on new animals. It certainly a hit here. Available from along with other Schleich animals and playsets.

This set has a RRP of £99.99 and is currently on offer from Amazon for £81.22

Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for this post.  All thought and opinions are our own.
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