School Holiday Activities for Girls

the Easter holidays having just past (in a blur), May half term approaching –  plus the six week summer holidays
looming, it’s time to think of the kind of things I want to do with my daughter while she is off of School.  There are certain places
I’ve promised to take her, like the local zoo and to the theatre to see a show just the two of us, but there
are plenty of things we can do together at home and in the local
area too:
Here are a few suggestions I have for making the most of the time together:

you enjoy cooking together, why not make pizza. For really little
ones you can buy ready made bases from the supermarket that you just
need to add toppings to, but if you’re feeling adventurous, or your
daughter is that bit more capable in the kitchen, why not have a go
at making the pizza

yourselves? It’s a great activity as you can enjoy making the pizza,
choosing the toppings, baking it and finally eating it together.   This is one of our
meals to make together and we do this often as you can see here.
some Fruit and Vegetables
fruit and veg can help fussy eaters tremendously as they’re able to
play a real part in the growing of their own food. They will see how
it’s planted, care for it themselves and, if they’re old enough, cook
it too. Easy fruit and veg to start off with are things like
tomatoes, strawberries and runner beans. If you haven’t got the space
at home for a vegetable garden, why not visit a pick your own farm
instead,  we love to do this and both of mine really enjoy it – you can read about our visit here.

a day of it and hit the shops with your favourite girl in tow.
Perhaps check out the range of girl’s school shoes on offer if your
daughter’s shoes are in need of replacing. George
girls school shoes

are a great place to start as they’re comfortable and good value,
leaving some room in the budget for a few extra treats like a new
dress and some hair clips. Of course no girly shopping trip would be
complete without enjoying a nice lunch out in a café or restaurant or in Emmy’s case a trip to the nail bar to have her nails painted (she is a very girlie girl and it’s our special treat time).
your daughter’s favourite character is you could dedicate an entire
day to them. If she’s a Disney Princess fan you could dress as a
princess for the day, watch Disney DVDs and enjoy lunch fit for a
princess. Use cookie cutters in the shape of crowns or the princesses
themselves to make sandwiches more princess friendly. Make a Victoria
sponge, named after Queen Victoria herself, and eat with special
princess cutlery. Perhaps your daughter is into fairies, pirates or
The Wizards of Waverly Place, maybe she’s an animal lover or
interested in foreign countries? Whatever it is she’s interested in
you can theme a day around it with just a little imagination.
ideas could be dressing up, making a scrapbook to create a record of
all the fun things they get up to during the holidays to show their
teacher or making homemade playdough. You could even learn a new
skill together or teach your daughter something your mum, or
grandmother taught you, maybe knitting, crochet or a certain recipe.
School holidays are lots of fun and they can be even more so with a
little forward planning.
Of course these ideas are as equally suited to boys as they are girls – I know my son for one LOVES to dress up!
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