Secret Special Agent Emmys Mummy now signing off!

A few weeks ago I was browsing the Pushcahair Trader’s Facebook page and came across a post asking for applications via email to become a Secret Agent for Pushchair Trader, you had to state why you would make a good Secret Agent – well that was enough to get me intrigued so I applied via email with this:


Your mission should you wish to accept it is to pick ME!!!

I am loud, always have to have the last word, am always right, will not take No for an answer and often get my own way!

No really, I’m Clare Nicholas (Emmys Mummy) I write over on my blog and love giving my 2 pence worth about anything and everything.

I’m rubbish at keeping secrets or am i? Why not find out.

(Address and Phone number – Removed)

Why not pop over and look at my blog? Lol, always have to keep plugging!! Http://

Secret special Agent Emmys Mummy!

I was really happy when I recieved an email from Mr PT (Pushchair Trader) saying I had been chosen and revealing our 1st secret mission.  Now I will not tell you what it was (A secret Agent Never reveals all) but it did involove working with lots of other fab ladies (and Mr PT) window shopping, browsing, spell checking and giving our 2 pence worth!!

I have spent many evenings over the last few weeks in fits of giggles as the girls have all made me laugh and as other entry emails were slowly revealed – PT have revealed a few of the email and you can read them here.

Now all our hard work (fun times) is over and we can reveal a BRAND NEW online shop over on the Pushchair Trader website.  If you love anything to do with buggies/pushchairs then you MUST visit this shop.

Pushchairtrader Shop

Now you can tell I am actually very good at keeping secrets – Infact I met 2 fellow secret agents in London recently but not of us said a word – even to each other!!

I wonder if you had noticed the lovely new badge at the side of this blog?  The pushchair trader badge has been there a while now, did you spot it before I mentioned it?

Over and out!

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