See you at Cybher…..

On Saturday I will be getting up rather early, making an effort and actually donning make-up and doing my hair and heading off into London for around 9am.

I will be joining fellow women bloggers for an amazing conference designed to wow, teach, entertain and much more.

“Cybher is a one day blogging event which brings together the most influential bloggers and speakers from all corners of the blogsphere to network, inspire, share and learn” –

Cybher 2013
Last year I was rather unsure what Cybher was, I was too new to blogging to realise that these events are the place to be!  The best place to pick up tips, to learn, to re-think and to socialise.
I looked on with envy at the pictures, tweets and blog posts which followed saying just how brilliant it was and it was not long after that I won my ticket to this years event on Sian’s blog mummy-tips.
Now I’ll be honest I’m really looking forward to it however I’m also very nervous – I don’t do well in crowds and places I don’t know many people.  I do know lots who are going and once inside and after an hour or so I’ll be fine but if you see me in the first hour or so, do come over and say Hi – it will be much appreciated and will help ease my nerves.  I would like to thank Rachel – Confessions of a SAHM for offering to save me from my nerves and to meet me before hand.  Rachel is a fellow blogger I have been chatting with for almost two years now but only finally got around to meeting last week.
Blogging is funny like that you can ‘chat’ to friends online for ages, read the ins and outs of their family life, feel like you ‘know’ them yet never actually have met – I am so looking forward to meeting these online friends old and new.
I think I have decided on a red top, black jeans and red boots to wear.  I also need to re-dye my hair which is also red – hopefully that means you’ll be able to see me.
I’ve been eyeing up the line up and keep changing my mind on what I want to attend, I’ll make a final decision on Friday I think, now just to plan my route in, work out where the station in and I’m all set I can’t wait and of course once it’s all over there is the cocktails!!

8 thoughts on “See you at Cybher…..

  1. Hey! Looking forward to meeting you. It's going to be great. The lovely Peggy is right, they are brilliant. I met Peggy four years ago at an event, and its great to catch up at conferences! Any how, will look out for the red hair. Look out for me rocking my bump!!

  2. Hi Clare, don't worry about the nerves we all have them 🙂 those conferences are brilliant and you will love it! Come and say hello if you see me

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