Seedlets for beginners – Review

As you know we have busily been preparing our garden for our vegetable patch and then planting and sowing our seeds and plants.

Emmy has been joining in and doing just as much in the garden as I have – infact she is loving every minute of it.

To help with this project she has been kindly sent some gardening tool of her very own from the Seedlets Beginners collection.

Seedlets is a the brain child of Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins who is on a mission to help get children excited about getting their hands dirty.  He had designed a brand new range of gardening kit called Seedlets

Seedlets are tailored towards 3 levels of expertise – Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.

The beginner range is aged for ages 3-5 years.  As Emmy falls into this age bracket she was send the hand tools, her own gardening bag to keep them in and a packet of seeds.

The tools are a perfect size for little hands and we love the bright colours – Emmy because she likes all things bright and colourful and me because when she leaves them on the grass I can find them again.

The bag is a nice size to hold the tools, with pockets all the way around to hold any extras Emmy wants to use in the garden such as lolly sticks, seeds, pegs, stones – you name it and it finds it’s way into her bag.

Emmy likes nothing more than to boss me around, dig the holes for the seeds and to plant her own veggies.

You can find lots of gardening tips and project for children over on the seedlets website –  Chris has written tips for all skill levels on the website which is fun for children to look at and teaches them the skills to grow their own fruit, vegetables and flowers.

The bag is priced at £5.99 and tools are £3.99.

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