Sexy Witch? Or the one where I appear in the Daily Mail!

Being a blogger is one of the strangest jobs sometimes, it is so mixed and diversified that from one day to the next I never know what will appear in my inbox – and I love that.  Last week I was sent a survey which had been carried out by on Halloween costumes.  They had surveyed over 2000 people in the UK and out of those surveyed 51% felt that women’s Halloween costumes were overly-sexualised, whilst 69% felt that children’s costumes on sale were not age appropriate.

This then led to a conversation on my thoughts which I emailed across, during this conversation it was brought up that the Daily Mail would like to run a piece on this topic and my post was sent across to the journalist. 

This post was online yesterday which you can read here and I am thrilled they used my thoughts on this subject and while I don’t agree with the survey findings wholly I do agree that women’s costumes are far too sexualised in fact I have struggled myself recently to find a costume for when we go away at the end of this week .  I’ve mentioned before that we are going away as a family for Halloween.   There is a club house and therefore will be a Halloween themed party of some kind.

I’ve been chatting about it to Emmy and while she isn’t entirely sure what a Halloween party is an she hasn’t attended one before she is thrilled with the idea of dressing up.
This has lead me on my search for costumes and to my horror Emmy has expressed an interest in dressing up too….I hate dressing up!

This is what I sent across and was used in the paper! 

“Searching the supermarkets was my first thought however my local one only has children’s outfits which forced me online.   Now I made the mistake of doing this with Emmy…..I’m not sure if you’ve searched for ‘Women’s Halloween dressing up outfits’ yet… It’s eye opening that’s sure.  Now try that search and pull up the images instead as I did.
Apart from a few exceptions I could see (as could my 4 year old daughter) anything and everything seems to go as a Halloween outfit, and it seems the tighter, shorter and low cut   the better.  Now I’m no prude and have been to an adults only dressing up party before so have worn these types of outfits in the past; but what about family dressing up parties?
Searing through eBay seems to bring up the worst culpits – nearly all of those are boob tubes and only just cover your knickers – not something I would wear infront of children or with children around.
Heading to a fancy dress costume website I thought I may find more choice but actually they weren’t that much better – if you look in the women’s section they too are tight fitting and really short or even the long ones have high splits up the legs and low cut busts to them.
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This is one of the better costumes I managed to find.  Now there isn’t actually anything wrong with it at  all however I’m not really sure I want my daughter to see me in it either.  At the age of 4 she is very impressionable as are all young girls.   So why do we need to have only sexy style costumes available to us women? 

Thankfully when looking for costumes for my daughter I have found them to be very appropriate and I am actually spoilt for choice in her outfits.  I think it’s actually very cute to see the children all dressed up in their witches outfits with their broomsticks and hats.

I just really wish that I was able to join my daughter, however to date I’ve not found a witches outfit which isn’t either short enough to just about cover my knickers and would require me to wear thermal tights (It’s October and freezing after all) or leggings to cover my pride, or which requires the tops of my legs to be shaven  – I’ve said before, It’s October and freezing!!

Why do witches all have to be sexy?  I’m sure in the story books they aren’t or in the horror movies!”

I would love to know your thoughts on this?

Do you agree with me or with the survey results?

Are children’s costumes age appropriate and what do you think of the women’s costumes available currently?

One thought on “Sexy Witch? Or the one where I appear in the Daily Mail!

  1. I have been on the hunt today for a modest costume & found being a size 20 & looking for Halloween dressing up items really doesn't mix well together as at my size I certainly don't feel sexy & wouldn't been seen DEAD in the short very very very short outfits I have found!!!

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