Sharing the love with friends #BratzBFF

Valentines doesn’t have to just be for couples, in school the children make cards for their parents as a token of love,  but of course there’s many different types of love.
I love my children, my parents, my family and my husband but it’s a different type of love for each.
Children are the same, they love their parents, siblings and family but there’s also love for their friends.
Emmy is very lucky to have 2 best friends, they do lots together. Play together at school,  visit each others houses, go to the theatre as a birthday treat and up until recently were all in the same swimming class, now 2 of them are and we are awaiting the third gaining her green hat to join them again.
It’s a sweet friendship and most of the time they get on so well.
With Valentines coming up Bratz asked if Emmy would like to exchange a special gift with her friends to spread the love and help show that special bond of childhood friendships.
Three parcels arrived and Emmy wrote special messages to her friends. I also wrapped up a 4th as they were to open after school and I didn’t want Harry to feel left out. Harry dictated a message he wanted to write to his sister for her parcel.
“I love my BFF because she plays with me”
There were beaming smiles all round when they received their gifts. Just adorable.
Inside were Bratz Remix dolls for them to enjoy, Bratz dolls are best friends as are the girls, they can swap and share and play together.
The Remix dolls come complete with headphones and an iPod and are ready to party the afternoon away in their party attire and cost £12.99 each – there are 4 different friends to collect Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade.
To say they were happy with their gifts would be an understatement,  they loved them.
A lovely gesture and a just because I love you gift. The best kind of gift in my book.
Harry’s letter to Emmy ” I love my BFF because you always read to me at bedtime and give me kisses” – obviously I wrote it but he dictated his own message, he does adore her (most of the time).
The girls would like to say a huge thank you to Bratz for their gifts.

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