Shaving foam paints – bath time fun

Today has been a rather fun and busy day, Emmy had spent most of it running around outside with just a T-shirt on switching from the paddling pool to sand pit, as you can imagine this is rather messy especially as she was nappyless too.

So when she started to say she didn’t want to have a bath, Mummy wasn’t taking NO an answer and instead of taking her upstairs kicking and screaming (which would have happened as she was tired) I asked her if she wanted to do painting in the bath.  Daddy thought I was completely mad at this point but didn’t say anything after-all Mummy knows best.  I then began to set up an activity I had come across written by Anna over at The Imagination Tree.

This was shaving foam painting.

It was incredibly quick to set up, only a few minutes and Emmy spent 45 minutes painting in the bath; happily washing away all that sand while having fun.

What you need:

  • Food Colouring
  • Shaving Foam
  • Pots to make paint in or as I used re-useable cupcake cases
  • Paint brushes

First off I poured a little food colouring into the cupcake cases.

Then squeezed shaving foam into the cases.

Then mixed with the colouring, that’s all.  Ready to use, washable paints.

Emmy loved this and did not want to get out of the bath and has already asked if we can did it again.  What’s more it is incredibly easy to make and to clean off the bath, tiles and your child with all the mess washing straight away down the plug hole.  Emmy also used the paints to do body painting on herself and me.

4 thoughts on “Shaving foam paints – bath time fun

  1. Fantastic idea, we have terrible trouble getting my son in the bath and we also have lots of shaving foam about due to my sister in law having worked for a shaving foam company. Perhaps we can use it to try and bribe my son into having his hair washed!

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