Should your next family holiday be at sea?

As you know I’m off on holiday next week, we are off to Butlins which we love.  Having recently been offered our first holiday abroard with Euro Camp (and having turned it down due to the costs of having to get the kids both passports and the travel costs) it started a few discussions with friends on different types of holidays they have enjoyed.

Cruises have been mentioned by many of them which made me want to look into them a little more, answering question I had.  Here’s a little of what I found out.


1) Are cruises for families?
If you’re going to spend a couple days or more in a confined location, there had better be stuff to do to pass the time. Cruise lines take that to heart and pack their ships full of activities. Any family cruise ship will have at least a few pools, hot tubs, water slides, athletic facilities (from mini golf to basketball courts) and even a rock climbing wall. Major cruise lines such as Celebrity cruises seem to strike a good balance between adult and kid-oriented things to do and on any cruise there is always ample opportunity to bond with the family; nightly performances and a range of dining informal and formal dining options are just a few of them.  Plus there are lots of chances to just do your own thing, with casinos for the parents and camps for the kids.
2) Are cruises expensive?
Cruises can be less expensive than a typical beach trip. The thing about cruises is that they’re essentially all inclusive. The fees for each person include lodging and food, with most of the activities onboard being free. You do pay for things like alcohol and souvenirs, as well as some onshore excursions, but you can skip on those and save money. Most of my cruises end up being less than the cost of a hotel in a nice city for a few days. Be wary though, as instead of using money, must cruise lines give each traveller a card that acts as the payment method. It’s easy to keep swiping only to find you’ve spent an arm and a leg on margaritas (I know I would).
3) Are cruises only for old people?
If you would have asked me this question twenty years ago, the answer would be yes. It’s easy to see why: no need for unpacking at each new destination and all the food you can eat is an appealing combination. Today, however the dynamic has changed. Cruise lines have diversified so muchp that travellers can have their pick of experiences. From adult-only wine-tasting cruises, cruises for the adventurous and family trips offered by companies such as Disney Cruises, the choice is yours.
I must admit the wine tasting kid free cruise seems rather appealing however I’m not ready for kid free holidays yet, so perhaps a Disney Cruise could be enjoyed by us all in a few years to come?
While it isn’t something we are looking to do soon I have to say it does sound appealing in a few years time when the kids are older and we can go sight seeing a little.
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