Sick of being sick

I’ve barely left my house all week
The walls are closing in
  • Thermometers
  • Calpol
  • Vomit
  • Snot
  • Crying
  • NON sleeping
  • NON eating
  • Naps
  • Blood
This has been my week!
No-one said being a Mum was easy, no-one said it came worry free in fact no-one says much at all.
Any advice you are given in the early days goes in one ear and out of the other, it’s all about resting when you can, naps and eating well.
No-one tell you just how hard it is when you have 2 poorly children at the same time.
Since Saturday both Emmy and Harry have been unwell.
It started with temperatures of over 38 for Emmy in the morning and progressed to Harry following suit in the after noon.
They grew pale and slept!!!! Emmy has not napped in the day since she was 18 months – well she has this week, infact she has barely left the sofa.
Sadly when she is ill she reverts back to baby stages and is currently going through a faze of not leaving the house without me, not liking the dark and generally whining and whinging about everything, not that I can blame her, she is poorly.
By Monday I took them both to the doctors as there fevers would only break with Calpol for a few hours then rise as it wore off and neither had eaten all weekend.
A virus was diagnosed, both have VERY enflamed tonsils and their bodies are trying to fight the virus they have both picked up. 
So our week have been quiet, sofa, snuggles, Calpol, naps, crying, movies and more Calpol – 3 small bottles of it since Saturday to be precise!
Then to top it all off Harry fell over and cut his head rather badly, thankfully I am first aid trained and we always keep a fully stocked medical kit, meaning I was able to clean him up and apply a Steri-strip which did the job.
Nights are the worst, they have been tag teaming me.  One sleeps as the other wakes, Emmy waking for milk as her throat is sore then for a wee as she has drunk too much, Harry waking – well who knows why as he can’t tell me.  The other morning he woke at 2.35am and finally slept again at 4.50am only for the postman to ring at 7am.
I am quite frankly done in.
I’ve posts which need writing, reviews to write, paid work to crack on with and housework to do on top  BUT for once I am going to admit I am struggling, I’m tired and emotional and I am going to tuck myself in at a decent time so hopefully I am refreshed for the MADS tomorrow night – I won’t be allowed to fall asleep and I hope to god I don’t en-route home at near midnight. 
I’m so tired I’m not even worried about the fact my dress hasn’t arrived.  This Cinderella WILL go to the ball.
Night all x



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