Silverstone Classic – Our fun filled day with Roary

On Sunday we attended Silverstone Classic which was powered by the AA.  Emmy was so excited as she knew we were off to see one of her favourite characters from her TV show Roary the Racing Car.

We set off early as for us it was an hour and a half’s drive away and I already knew there were road works on the M1, so armed with a picnic, suncream and a pushchair we set off.  I had been told by a friend it was busy getting in however on the Sunday there were no queues and we were directed straight into a car parking space quite close to where the entrance was.

We had a little site map which came with our tickets so didn’t buy another official programme however we soon discovered it was actually hard to navigate via that map as Silverstone is so huge we couldn’t see from looking where we were headed – so in typical male fashion Paul declared he was taking charge and off we went walking in any direction.  It turned out OK actually and after being distracted by the biggest bouncy slide I have ever seen  (we prised Emmy off of this after about 6 slides) we found the Roary Live stage show – you couldn’t miss it actually it was on the main stage and you could hear it before you saw it which only led to the excitement.

As you can see we couldn’t have been any closer to the stage and we all really enjoyed the show.  Big Chris was helping Roary to get ready for the Big race.  The show was great and allowed all the Roary fans to join in with songs from the show, being so close was great for the young kids as they could all see the dance moves and very encouraged to join in with the actions.

Of course Big Chris had lost his walkie talkie and his spanner as always which Emmy found most amusing and she was shouting “number one star” in time to the songs.

Her day was made when we headed off to the AA fairground with the Roary themed activities and her got to meet Big Chris, cuddle him and hold his hand.  Infact since the event she has been saying to all her friends “I hold Big Chris hand”.

The good thing about the AA fairgound section of the Silverstone Classic was it was all free, so Emmy could go on the rides as many times as she likes and we weren’t left with having to tell her no due to costs.  She took full advantage of this and the fact there were no queues at all and sometimes stayed on a ride 5 times before we were able to move her onto another.
Her favourite being the Dodgems with Daddy – no I’m not sure who had more fun if I’m honest as you could hear them both giggling their heads off the whole time!

The Roary themed fun continued with a mini kids race track, Roary ride ons and bikes on a mini race course and even Roary soft play – you had to move the soft shaped blocks into place to ‘fix’ Roary, complete with over-sized soft foam spanners.  Emmy loved this and again I’m sure Daddy did too as he got stuck right into the job, and Emmy also became a magician’s assistant in the big tent during the magic show – proud Mummy moment there when she volunteered herself and went up un-prompted and unaided (OK she stood there with her hand in her mouth the whole time and wouldn’t speak but it’s a start)

We had a great day spending around 4 hours just watching Emmy choose what she wanted to do and have fun.  There was a lot of walking involved and even though buses were available we didn’t make full use of them as we kept being asked to collapse the buggy down which isn’t easy in itself as it collapses in 2 parts and was laidened with our picnic food – had I realised this I wouldn’t have taken a buggy but the thought of carrying Emmy so far was unbearable and our stroller wouldn’t have pushed on the fields, stones and mud.  We were a little annoyed when we were told we couldn’t actually walk to the AA fairgound for health and safety reasons leaving us no option but to venture the bus – on the way there we had a lovely lady conductor who let us keep the buggy in one piece and then refused to let the bus leave until someone had given up their seat to me, which was rather embarrassing but also welcomed (luckily I clearly look heavily pregnant and not just fat) however on the way back we had to collapse the buggy again as there were 3 others and then we had to sit upstairs as no seats were available downstairs – this lead to confusion as the conductor kept having to take our buggy off to let others off the bus and kept trying to give our buggy to other people thinking it was theirs as was the same for Emmy’s toys which were in the seat part of the buggy.  We came way happy, shattered and I was rather sunburnt – thank goodness it didn’t rain!

We did receive free tickets to this event however this write up is my own thoughts and was not influenced at all.

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