Simple fun with Foame

It’s a little rare these days for the kids to sit down and play nicely together, there isn’t a huge age gap between them (2 years and 9 months to be exact), however with Emmy being in year 2 and Harry Nursery to gap seems bigger these days.

He is at the make believe play stage, loves cars, climbing and making as much noise as possible whereas Emmy likes to draw, read and practice her writing. Whenever we sit down to play a game there is fighting as Harry doesn’t get the rules and can’t wait for his turn, Emmy always wants to go first and gets cross he can’t play properly….needless to say we don’t play games etc. together often these days sadly.

They have just received a new toy however which has seen then sitting together for over an hour at a time playing beautifully, sharing and helping each other!  It’s a miracle and the best thing is they are using their imagination and there’s no electronics or batteries required.


Foamë are various sized and shaped construction blocks make from foam. Actually designed to be bath toys but can be played with without water.

Because they are made from foam they float on the water, can stick to the mirrors and tiles and the making possibilities are endless.

We were send the Adventures set which comes with over 200 foam shapes and 2 picture instruction books featuring 27 models you can build, but of course the only limit to these toys are your imagination.

I’ve opted to keep these of the bath as I hate having toys left in the bath and because there are so many pieces I knew I would be picking them up for ages.


Harry has really enjoyed making tracks for his cars and his trains, with twists and turns in and we made slightly raised bridges by placing other foame pieces underneath.


Emmy has enjoyed making worlds with it, with animals, trees, boats and even robots and most importantly they sat nicely playing together for well over an hour!

foame5 simple fun with Foame

The only thing I’m not keen on are the tiny square pieces which are inside of the shapes and can be popped out (see the white large floor piece) these keep getting lost under the sofa or thrown across the room and are so small that it’s hard to collect them all up again.

It’s a really lovely toy and even I have been engrossed in making the items in the instruction booklets.

These all come safely stored in a zip locked netting bag which even has suction cups to stick to the bathroom tiles so the shapes can dry out after use.

There are 3 sets available including Creatures, Boats and Adventures with prices starting from £20.

For further information please visit the website:

Disclaimer: We received these toys in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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